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gallery of myths
NAME: Parker Malarkey
TITLE: Creation Salvation

MYTH: The nights are interminable and the universe is clothed in complete blackness. First god, mighty god of the universe, Onka, is the only thing known to this world. Onka suddenly sees two pieces of rock floating down in his direction. He is mystified as to where these two rocks came from, but blesses them with his powers. Within four sleeping periods of time, the rocks begin to transform into the all mighty gods Lanti and Zion. They were very handsome, Zion being tall, and Lanti being short.

Onka was pleased with his two sons. But Lanti and Zion soon became bored. Sleeping periods seemed without end, and waking periods were consumed with floating around in the universe with nothing to do. They cut their hair and intertwined it together to form the earth. They cut their toe nails and flung them into the sky to form the moon and stars. They blessed the earth with powers so it soon bore plants, and animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. They created people to populate the earth, benefit from its riches, and live endless lives filled with happiness and prosperity. They saw their creations as reflections of their power.

Lanti and Zion were very proud of their creations and gleefully showed them off to Onka. Onka disdainfully looked at their work, and scorned them saying how greedy and selfish they must be to want this all for themselves. Lanti and Zion were very angry and with one slash of their sword, Onka was slain. His body floated down to form the mountains, while his blood created the rivers, and his head the sun.

Lanti and Zion were filled with remorse. They wept for seven days and seven nights. Their tears were so vast, creating grand oceans, filling the earth. After they returned from their spell of crying, their hearts turned to steel and they were enveloped in a deep depression. They cast a spell on the earth’s people so that they would know suffering and they would eventually die. People were forced to toil for six days straight, and were left one day to rest. The day of rest was meant to protect them from the depression that consumed Lanti and Zion.

People were told that if they worked hard they would be rewarded with material benefits and a lifelong period of happiness. But they were also told that if they did not work hard and became greedy, it would lead to a short and depressing life.  Lanti and Zion are still in the universe, watching over their creations, punishing those who are greedy and rewarding those who toil feverishly.
NAME: Jack Hay
CLASS: Social Studies 7W
TITLE: The King and Queen of the Sky

MYTH: In the beginning there was just the sky.  There was a king and Queen who lived in the sky, and they ruled over all the demons that inhabited their kingdom.  Soon they had four children.  Two of the children were boys and two of the children were girls.  When their children were older, the king took two large lumps of sky and threw them as far as he could.  One became a beautiful sun that lighted the whole sky kingdom with its warmth, and the other became a shining moon the filled the sky kingdom with a shining glow.  He gave the sun to his eldest son and the moon to his eldest daughter and sent them off to watch over the sky.

He then took another big lump of sky and threw it as far as he could and called it Earth.  He gave Earth to his two youngest children and told them to go and rule over it.  THe two children went down to Earth and ruled it for many moons.  Then one night a demon that had been banished from the sky kingdom came down to Earth and convinced the two rulers that their Earth was boring.  So the two children journeyed back to the sky.  THe young man brought a knife and slew his father as he was sleeping and the young woman tied and gagged her mother with rope made of vines from Earth.

The king fell from the sky kingdom and formed great mountains and valleys.  When The Queen freed herself, she cried great tears that fell to Earth and formed great rivers, lakes, and Oceans.  When the brother and sister returned to Earth they took the knife and cut pieces of skin off their father and sewed them up to make people.  They sent the people off to inhabit the Earth but told them always to remember their creators.  All was at peace once more and the people had lots to eat because the rivers make the earth plentiful with food.  But the sun and moon still watch over Earth to make sure that the Rulers stay out of trouble.
NAME: Margot DesBois 
TITLE: Leonin and The Creation

MYTH: In the beginning of time, there was nothing but one god, the dragon god, Leonin.  Leonin was lonely and wanted pleasures.  Leonin had an avid imagination, and as the god pictured the world in its head, a world came to be.  Leonin’s imagination wasn’t powerful enough though, and the world was empty.  Leonin created the senses, which were the building blocks of everything in the world.  Water was made by combining precise senses like the feeling of cold and flow, the sound of gurgling, and the taste of purity.  All other elements were created in this manner, and thus, the earth took shape.

Leonin was pleased with these elements, but wanted to make beings, things that could move and live and make use of the elements.  Again, Leonin combined senses to make the beings, later called animals, but Leonin also gave them instinct, so that they could survive on their own.  The animals were formed from Leonin’s imagination in various shapes and sizes.  Leonin joined individual senses together to make wolves with soft fur, sharp fangs, and strong legs.  Leonin made otters with sleek coats, webbed paws, and long tails.  Leonin had diversity in these creatures, creating slithering snakes with no feet, towering giraffes with long necks, and scuttling spiders with eight eyes.

While Leonin formed more beings, the animals pranced around the god in thanks for their creation.  At this time, Leonin was crafting tall animals that stood on two legs and had fur only on their heads.  They were humans.  But as Leonin shaped them, a bounding wolf caused Leonin to stumble and accidentally pour some of the god’s own superior senses into the humans.  Leonin tried to correct the mistake, but it was too late.  Leonin had planned to have every being’s powers equal enough so that none would rise and overpower the rest.  Leonin was ashamed at this failure.

Fearing the humans would try to seize control over the other animals, Leonin decided to intervene.  Thus, Leonin placed ferocious predators in the world near the humans to help balance the power.  Sharks and crocodiles with many teeth, bears and tigers with loud roars and massive claws also introduced, fear, pain, and worry to the humans.  Leonin made sure that the predators would only attack if humans disturbed the others in the world and hoped to let them teach the humans their boundaries.  Inevitably, the humans sent Leonin to the heavens so that they could rule the world undisturbed. 

Humans then were very much like humans today.  They thanked Leonin for their creation as all animals did, but they considered themselves different from the other animals.  Since creation, humans have always had a special bond with the wolves that were the cause of their superior abilities, ultimately domesticating the wolf, as “man’s best friend.”  Over many years, humans have spoken of the dragon god, but today, very few believe the stories of Leonin, the great god, who once gave them life.
NAME: Charlie M
TITLE: The Story of Xavier Charlie Mauck- Creation Myth

MYTH: In the beginning, there was darkness. There were two Gods, Legitimitus, the God and Ruler of all Gods, and his wife Legitiminus, the God of Family and Togetherness. Legitimitus and Legitiminus created the sun, moon, and earth with their love.  Thus creating this they produced two children to be gods of the sun and moon. The male, Legitious was God of the Sun, while the female, Legitity was God of the Moon. Legitimitus and Legitiminus then produced a third child, Xavier.  Xavier was different than all the other gods. All the others skin was snowy white, but  Xaviers’ skin was dark like the soil. Legitimitus said that Xavier did not deserve to be a god. Legitimitus banished Xavier from the heavens and tossed him down to the earth to live alone. What Legitimitus did not know was that Xavier was special.

Xavier could put a soul or life into anything he put his hands on. He was the God of Life and Sanctions.  Xavier was on the earth for a very long time. He was thou getting tired of being alone.  He created puny figures out of mud and put life into them. These were then the first humans. Xavier then had an idea. He took all different colors of mud and created more and more humans. These thus were the first races. He took white mud to make humans like his family. He took brown mud to make humans like him. After Xavier had created all humans he realized there were some different qualities about them. Not the same as him. These humans could not put life into things as he could and could not live forever, and they were not well beings like thou Xavier. Xavier tried the best he could to teach them his ways, but failed. He discovered that the humans also had a bad side, like his family. At the Mountain of Legitimus, that Legitimitus had created when he put the earth together, the humans were fighting. They were fighting to be the first ones to the top to worship their Gods. Xavier could not understand it. He saw so much violence, so much blood and death. Things he could not describe.  He thus had enough of the humans try to worship the other gods. Xavier sacrificed himself to destroy the Mountain, turning it into an island and thus spreading all of the different colors across the earth.  Xavier had thus used all his strength. He shot up like a lightening bolt and exploded, thus making the bright stars.
NAME: Wallace 
TITLE: Shcanty Creation Myth     

MYTH: In the beginning there was only a great light. There was also three gods, the god of fire, the goddess of water and the goddess of all living creatures both plans and animals. These god were lonely and decided that they were going to create a land for all living things. This land was to be called Earth. The god of fire made the sun and stars to fill its heavens. The goddess of water made its river and oceans and the goddess of all living things made its creatures, mountains, and plants.

At first the gods were content with their land and stood day after day on their cloud watching their creations below. Eventually they realized that their wonderful creations did not notice their creators. This angered the gods and they made three new races of animals. One was Leopard, a fierce hunter, another was Horse, a fast runner and strong worker, the third new animal was actually one race split into male and female. This race was to be called Human Beings. The first two humans were the male, Afon and the female, Heloise. They made these creations have speech and intelligence and told them that they were to worship them and that they should value everything on earth and that they were expected to behave accordingly. They specifically told the humans told have children and populate the earth with their race.

At first Leopard, Horse, Heloise and Afon acted upon their god’s wishes. They took care of earth and had many children. One day though, they were talking and realized that they were better than the other creations and that they should be able to boss them around as well as kill and detain them at will. This new idea of theirs anger the gods as they watched from their cloud. The gods came down to earth and stopped their newest creations. They cursed each one of them, to the human they gave death and sadness, to Leopard they gave a roar instead of a voice and a life of solitude, and finally to horse they gave a neigh instead of words and a lifetime of work in the fields.

Once the gods left things changed on earth, war, hatred, and all other bad things known today were invented and animals became mistreated all because if their inability to talk.

NAME: Maddie
TITLE: Lunagginii Creation Myth

At first there was just a bubble of light.  It was round and squishy and glowing.  Suddenly out of the bubble appeared the god Lunagginii wrapped in brown and yellow robes, with orange pants, his hair wild and stringy flew around him in all directions.  First Lunagginii created Lunagginii Mountain, where at its peak was the sacred pool of spring water which contained enough power to overthrow Lunagginii from his power.  Lunagginii created the fish, but was disgusted by its look he created different species of animals to look upon.  Lunagginii stops to think and evaluate his creations, but wait, there must be something to eat these animals so they do not overpopulate and eat off all of my beautiful land.  This is when the god Lunagginii created woman, someone to hunt and to grow and to thrive on his planet.  He named this woman Libbeaa.  Libbeaa soon became lonely, but what could Lunagginii do?  The great god decided to create man, man was just like woman but with small changes in physical features.  He named his new man Lungguss.  Lunagginii thought again, there must be rules, rules my man and woman can not break, for if they do there shall be a consequence.  Lunagginii only had one rule, he forbid Libbeaa and Lungguss to drink from the sacred water at the top of the mountain.  This created a problem for Libbeaa and Lungguss, for they have no other water source except the water at the top of Lunagginii Mountain.  Libbeaa and Lungguss had not yet learned about the need for water and therefore were not thirsty until the god had mentioned the spring water.  Now man and woman were incredibly thirsty, all they could think about was slurping the delicious, refreshing, cooling water.  After several days Libbeaa and Lungguss were lead by temptation up the mountain to the sacred pool.  Libbeaa and Lungguss soon reached the top; they cupped their hands together and scooped the water from the swirling pool.  As Libbeaa and Lungguss swallow the liquid their minds clear, they no longer think only about the water they used to need, they could see everything so much clearer; things were bright, and colorful.  The trees were green and brown, the swaying grass green with a tinge of brown, the bright, radiant, blue sky to match the quivering blue of the sacred pool before them.  Everything was miraculous, incredible, Libbeaa and Lungguss, amazed, gloried at the beautiful land they had never noticed before.  Millions of questions running through their heads; how did everything become so colorful, when everything was so bland before, mixing together everything the same, but now everything is different, and unique, everything has its own color.  To answer their questions in swooped an enraged Lunagginii from the shadows beyond the water.  “You my children have disobeyed my order, you my children have dishonored my very being, and you my children have disappointed me.”  Libbeaa and Lungguss replied; “but our god you see, we were so very thirsty and this water was all that was available.”  With one twist of his wrist Lunagginii turned his daughter, Libbeaa, and his son, Lungguss into dark black fishes.  He placed them into his sacred pool of water.  They swam around startled by their change in being, then they look up, through the blue water that was now black to match the sky.  Libbeaa and Lungguss, man and woman, living in a black world again, out casted from all other life for the rest of eternity.            

NAME: Anna Martin
TITLE: The Birth of the Earth

MYTH: All there is, is darkness and the child goddess Llia. She waits and waits in the darkness. She soon becomes tired, and falls into a deep sleep. In her deep sleep an angel comes to her and tells her to create an earth in the darkness. Because she has no materials, she uses parts of her small body. The earth, she creates from her right eye which is green. The moon she creates from her left eye, which is white. The mountains, she creates from her perfect nose. The fields, she creates from her beautiful flowing golden hair. She observes her beautiful creation, and sees that there is nothing there to enjoy it. She is unhappy with this, so she pulls out her teeth and buries them in the soft earth. From these grounds, grow small flowers, and from the flowers, humans fall out like seeds. Looking down on her creation, Llia is overwhelmed with happiness; and from this happiness she bears herself a child. She names him Oocoo meaning happiness in Calidilanian, and she loves him with all her heart. As Oocoo grows though, he begins to realize his mother’s power, and he begins to become jealous. His jealousy reaches an intensity so strong, that a lightning bolt shoots from his head, and strikes the earth, causing it to burn. This introduces anger into the world. Llia is mortified at what her son has done to the earth and begins to softly weep. This weeping becomes sobbing, and she is unable to stop herself. Bodies of water form on her earth and put out the fire. She sees that her earth is better now, but she is still very upset with her jealous son, for now there is sadness in the world. To punish him, she banishes him to the underworld which he fills with anger and death. On occasion she remembers her son and begins to weep again. This causes rain in the now imperfect world.

NAME: Marco DiBlasi
AGE: Grade 7
TITLE: Creation Myth "Bostonia"

Before time was recorded, there was complete darkness. In the midst of it, there was a ball shaped figure with red seams floating above land. After many years had past, the figure broke apart. Out came the God Menino and Goddess Angela. It was now up to them to cast away the darkness that doomed their land for ions. Soon after, Menino and Angela had a son, Calid. He was the Fire God.  He was to bring warmth and life into their world.  Sadly, they did not know that Angela would become a mortal after giving birth. They were a very happy family. They created a large flat land surface and placed animals on it to amuse themselves. God Menino then planted fruits, vegetables, and tress on his land so the animals could survive.  They named this land Bostonia.

Calid was always up to mischief. Once, he found the ball shaped sphere which his parents hatched out of and put it back together again. Then, he threw it at his parents and the animals. He started countless fires across the land and killed the plants and wildlife his parents had created.  Menino and Angela were devasted by their son’s cruel acts.  They spent so much of their time and love in creating a beautiful oasis and Calid was destroying it.

One day Goddess Angela took ill and died.  The legend has it they she died from a broken heart.  She fell from the sky onto the land.  Angela’s bones became mountains, her blood the rivers, and her impact with the ground became canyons. Her spirit then became Mother Nature and watched over the animals and the plants.
God Menino believed it was his son’s fault for his wife’s death. So there were to be consequences for Calid’s actions. Menino furiously split Calid into three parts. His fiery body became the sun, his heart the moon, and his spirit the underworld.  Calid’s spirit was to remain asleep in the underworld for centuries. Soon after, Menino realized what he had done and wept for days. Thus, his tears became the seas and oceans. He was so sickened with himself that he kept pacing in circles.  He paced so much and so hard, that his land became one big circle.  It now resembled his and Angela’s first home, the sphere.  When he noticed what he had done, he smiled because he knew Angela would be happy.

One day, God Menino saw mud on his land and went to go clean it. He started playing with it. He sculpted the figure of two people out it in memory of him and Angela. Next, he breathed life into them.  He named them Zinan and Renee.  He told them to love each other as he loved Angela.  He told them to have children and to be better to them than he was to his son Calid.  Menino told them to enjoy his land and be good to it because it will belong to their great-great grandchildren one day. 

Zinan and Renee did just that.  They learned to love and respect each other. They took care of the plants and animals.  The couple slowly populated the planet.  They also always showed love to their God, Menino.  They erected a temple in his honor on the highest point of the land.  Zinan, Renee, their children, and grandchildren went to visit the temple every day at sunset and gave thanks for their lives.

One day, Quinn, the great grandson of Zinan and Renee, found the pieces of the sphere that belonged to Menino and Angela.  He slowly reassembled it.  As Quinn tossed the ball he had created into the air, fire burst out from it and the land he stood on shook violently. 

NAME: Isabel
TITLE: The Vazecayorn Creation Myth

MYTH: Long, long ago, the universe consisted only of the Sun and the Moon.  The two friends got into a fight over who would be the creator of humankind.  The Sun said that he should be the patron of mankind, because he was the more powerful of the two, and he deserved to control a species that could worship him for all eternity.  The Moon said that she should be the patron of humankind, because she was the more powerful of the two, and she deserved to control a species that could worship her for all eternity.  The Sun complained that The Moon relied on The Sun to create light, and therefore, he was more worthy of being worshiped by man for all eternity.  The Moon complained that The Sun would burn the people to ashes if he created them, and therefore, she was more worthy of being worshiped by man and woman for all eternity.  They fought for many millennia, and then it was decided that The Sun would create the men and the creatures that dwell in the day.  Thus, The Moon was left to create women and the creatures of the darkness. 

For years, the people built their cities in harmony.  The men had the confidence of The Sun, and so they ruled over the women.  The animals of light were cherished more than the animals of the dark, because The Sun was thought to be more beautiful than The Moon.   Each man and woman contained their own persona, each different part of The Sun or The Moon.  The off-springs of the first men and woman had parts of both The Sun and The Moon.  They had emotional battles with themselves, not knowing which to love more: The Sun, or The Moon.  They looked to the heavens for assistance, but all that they could see were The Sun and The Moon side-by-side in the sky.  They could see nothing beyond the light, and they did not know to which side to turn.  The new people destroyed the cities that their fathers had built. 

The Sun and The Moon could see that their creations were fighting, and that something needed to be done.  Clearly, the humans below longed to know of a place that one went after death, and they were looking to the skies for an answer.  The two could not think of a way to please their creations, but each time, they came up with no answer.  After many months of watching the humans below fight, The Sun and The Moon sensed something angry stirring from farther below than the humans.  The two traveled to where they felt the pull was strongest.  When they arrived, they found and evil spirit, or, the spirit of evil spirits.  He told The Sun and The Moon that he was Satan, and that he had a solution to their problem, if only they would give him payment.  His proposition was as follows:  If he gave The Sun and The Moon the solution to their predicament, they would agree to send all the humans with bad spirits to The Underworld, the controller of The Satan.  Not knowing how many men and women had bad spirits, The Sun and The Moon obliged. 

The Satan told them that The Sun and The Moon must trade places in the sky every twelve hours so that the people could see up to the heavens through the darkness.  The Sun and The Moon still had a rivalry, and so for half the year, The Sun managed to control the sky for more than twelve hours at a time, and the other half of the year, The Moon did the same.  This is why not every day is twelve hours.  Soon, The Sun and The Moon realized that they had been tricked by The Satan and The Underworld,  and that The Heavens weren’t getting many people, because most of the were not good spirits.  The Sun and The Moon could do nothing, and so, to this day, The Underworld has some control over the universe.  The Sun and The Moon were very unsettled by this, because their good spirits’ were maimed.  They could not keep their light up for all their twelve-or-so hour shifts, and that is why The Sun shines less brightly in some parts of the world, and The Moon is not always a full circle.  Yet The Satan and The Underworld continue to live on in their full forms, because their evil spirits’ remain intact. 

NAME: Aung Min Thant
AGE: 14
TITLE: Burmese Creation

Long ago, there was a sea called Myint Myat (the Great). The Sea is created from the debris of the ancient universes.The sea created the stars, heaven, hell and the great mountain, Meru. The waters of the Sea washed up rocks and it is called Earth or Bumi. The Bumi made Mud, the primordial soil. The Great Mountain, Meru coupled the Mud and created Lay (Wind), Mi (Fire) and Yay (the Water). The Sea evaporated and turned into dark clouds. Up in the sky, the Luminous ones from Heaven arrived on Bumi and saw the sea foams. The sea foams, by the luminous ones transformed into animals. The Luminous ones ate the sea foams and their glutonny for sea foams causes Anger, Greed and Theft. Then the seven sinister sins were created. The luminous ones turned into the newly fresh Humans. The Great Mountain, Meru was surprised because the luminous ones saw ugliness and beauty and they were trying to climb Meru to reach Heaven again. Meru angered shot the lightning bolt to the luminous ones. Luminous ones fled to different area. Meru grew so high that it wobbles the sun and moon causing them to move 12 hrs. Luminous ones asked that  who will protect them. Meru replied "After 8000 years, your savior will arrive!" The Luminous ones passed the oracle for generation but near the 8000, the oracle was forgotten and the savior returned, it was Buddha! The end of the world wasn't oracled so be careful. Meru will cause landslide which will dominate all the continents.

NAME: Daniella M
AGE: Gr.6 Rolling Meadows, Burlington Ont.
TITLE: How the Boy Became a MAN!

MYTH: Years ago along the shores of Lake Ontario, where the waves smash against the wet slimy rock's, lied a small woodland native village. One day when the sun rose all the villagers gathered around the bonfire because the head chief had an announcment to make.
"People of the village The Great Hunter and his wife have had a baby."Out of know where a man wearing a black cloak slowly emerged from behind a wigwam, carrying a baby. The baby's cry was so harsh and ear piercing, it was impossible to ignore. But some how the villagers could not hear it. All the villager's attention shuffled to Komanatchi, and all you can hear is, "He's got my baby!" The man in the black cloak starts running as fast as he can. Komanatchi got a hunting tool out and killed the man, hopping he did not harm the baby. All the villagers were amazed at how the mans body met the ground. Komanatci ran over and snatched the baby from the man, and took a moment to look into those big brown puppy dogs type eye's. At the same time he took his new born, he took the mans black hood off. The man was from another village, those people wanted to wipeout the woodland natives. Everyone was thrilled to know that the new born Sauba was alright!
Sauba had big brown eyes, with smooth silky black hair. Years later when Sauba grew up, it was a daily thing when he'd watch his Father and the other men hunt and even practice hunting. Sauba was inspired by by his father and wanted to become The Greatest Hunter in the village as well. 9 Years old was when boy's learned and practice how to hunt.As Sauba got older and wiser he got alot better at hunting. when you get older and better at hunting you get to go in the forest, and really get the thrill and experience to kill the animal. In order to do so you  must wear a charm. The different charms are claws,skulls and beaks. Sauba's father believed that those particular thing's brought evil spirit's to you, Komanatchi doesn't wear these charms. He became The Great Hunter because of his skill. Sauba always hoped it would be the same for himself. One morning Sauba's father and the other hunter's had to go out to the forest to get the villagers dinner. After along journey,the other men came back not only disappointed but sad. Sauba didn't see his father with the other hunter's. The other men slowly walked up to sauba with their heads down.
"Sauba one of the animals has killed your father."  said one komanatchi close family friend. At this point Sauba had many emotions racing through his head. The first two where where sad and angry, sad because he couldn't imagine not seeing his father again, and mad well he just felt like to storm into the forest and rip apart that animal. the men did bring one thing back for Sauba it was his father's neckless, he wore it when he hunted and everywhere he went. The neckless had a chain at the end of the chain it had a design, that symbolized his family. Sauba worked hard the next couple of years and before he knew it, he was The Greatest Hunter in the village. When ever Sauba hunted he made sure that he was wearing the neckless. Sauba believed that it brought good spirits and good luck to himself, the village and most of all his family! That's why the fathers of the woodland village trained their sons so early, because if anything were to happen they had be prepared!!   

the Big Myth
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