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gallery of myths
AGE: Grade 4
TITLE: Hurricanes Revenge

The four grade 4 classes wrote these stories over a week, each class doing one paragraph of eash story.

Once there were three brothers who lived in an island called Green Island. The three brothers were Clouds, Wind and Ocean. They lived harmoniously and peacefully in that island. They grew up in the island without their parents. They believed that their parents were killed by the pirates. Clouds was fat but he could jump high up to the sky. Wind could run fast and was very strong. Ocean was quiet and very smart. They used to help each other every day.

One night while Clouds, Wind and Ocean were asleep they heard a very loud noise. It was very strange because nights were quiet in Green Island before. The brothers got up and tried to find out who was making the noise, but they couldn’t find him.  The noise continued to wake everybody up in the middle of the night. Everybody thought it was a monster who was making the noise. So the three brothers came up with a plan to catch that monster.
 In fact, there was no monster but the noise had come from pirates on a boat. The same pirates who had killed Clouds, Wind, and Ocean’s parents a long time ago. The brother Clouds jumped very high, into the sky, and became a real cloud. Tons and tons of rain poured down from his cloud. Wind ran very fast until he became real wind. He used his wind to make a hurricane with Clouds.

Finally, Ocean turned into a real ocean and created big waves like a Tsunami. The boat was caught in the storm and had trouble keeping afloat. Some of the pirates even fell off the ship into the waves. The chief pirate decided to put all of the rubbish from the ship into the ocean to make it dirty because he was so angry. Ocean found it hard to breathe and became very sick from all the dirt. Then brothers Wind and Clouds became even angrier and had to work harder since Ocean was very weak. Wind and Clouds were running around and around, working harder and harder. This continued until they created dark, dangerous and powerful hurricanes. The hurricanes broke the ship and it took in lots of water. As the ship sank the hurricane started to scoop up garbage from the sea. It also picked up the pirate chief and lots of water from the sea and took them high into the sky. The pirate chief was very angry and waved his sword, making lightning. Then the pirate chief shouted in rage, making thunder. That is why we can see lightning before hearing thunder. And this is why hurricanes, lightning and thunder always come together from the ocean.

AGE: Grade 4
TITLE: Incredible Turtles

The four grade 4 classes wrote these stories over a week, each class doing one paragraph of eash story.

Long, long ago there were not any horses in this world. So, people always walked on foot to go from one place to another place. One day it was very hot and people were very tired of walking. And they saw a man who was riding a big turtle. As it turns out, the man was a turtle-seller. Everyone was so hot and they were interested in riding turtles too, so many people bought turtles from him. At first, all of the people got on the turtles, but the turtles didn’t move. The people were very angry. However, one girl, wearing a white dress and a big hat, saw the turtles eating cabbage. Her name was Stephanie and she had an idea. She used some string to tie the cabbage to a stick and held it in front of the turtles so they would walk. When she held the cabbage in front of the turtles, the turtles began to walk.

After a while, the people decided that the turtles were too slow and they were eating too much cabbage. The turtles were getting fatter and fatter day by day while the people were getting thinner and thinner. The people wanted to change to riding a different animal. They decided to kill the turtles and eat them. Just when they were about to cut down the first turtle, to their amazement, the turtle spoke: “PLEASE don’t kill us. We can help you. We have the power to grant you a wish.”

“Ok! We will not kill you if you can promise us that you will move fast this time.” a man said. “We just want to make our travel fast that’s why we decided to ride a faster animal and kill you.” said the other man. The first turtle was thinking of better ways on how they can really move fast. “We just have very short legs.” said the other turtle. “Why don’t we change our legs into wheels?” suggested the first turtle. All the turtles agreed to that suggestion. And so the people did not kill them. They were very happy because the turtles can move very fast now. But the turtles got tired because people used them everyday. One man got the idea of making turtles out of wood. He also put wheels instead of legs. The people thanked the man for coming up with this brilliant idea. Soon, they made bigger turtles. Soon they became cars that we are using today. This is the reason why cars really look like big turtles.

NAME: Millie
TITLE: My Creation Myth

MYTH: Before time began there lived two amazing vampire’s ,Elena and her big brother John .Elena thought her and John were lonely so she said “I’m going to make more vampires”. She said to her self but when her brother found out he was furious he had a funny feeling in his tummy that a disaster was going to happen. John said “ Its not right we’re the only one to be a vampire make something else like I know “ John thought for a minute he had a fabulous idea “ make something could people “  Elena wasn’t to sure but she hade a feeling inside.

So Elena made people. Soon John said “we have to die eventually. We’re getting old “. We need to let our people live. go on” so soon they past away. Ten seconds later there body started to involve in to a world called earth. There body turned into heavy streams of rivers , lakes and shimmering sea of water. Deep bright blue sky and dark, dark brown earth and all the rest. So now you know how or who made our world.    
NAME: Codie
Creation Myth

MYTH: In dark dark times on the empty Earth existed a lonely lion called Chloe. She was very lonely she produced people out of clay. Chloe produced the earth out of rock by scratching it. Chloe had no friends to play with she was very sad. Her tail stopped wagging, she lay down, and she started to cry. Chloe decided to produce lions out of clay. Chloe brought them to life by roaring two times. Chloe was happy her tail started to wag, she started to smile. The lions were so happy and they wanted to play with Chloe. They played chasing each other.
NAME: Lee Ticehurst
TITLE: Ganindwarf and the Planet

MYTH: In a dark, dark night in a cold blooded cave,  was a gruesome griffin, yes a griffin. The name of  the griffin was Ganindwarf  ,but he got married to a woman of his dreams. Then  they had an argument, but they got along, but the months and years were going, but the women  had a brilliant idea they were going to create  a planet called Saturn.  They  were losing their energy,  but before  they died  they  created  people  from rock and clay so the to griffins died. Griffins watch over them. That is how the planet lives today. 
NAME: Chloe
Creation myth

MYTH: In the dark darkness a little girl called Codie created planets and life. Codie a very evil girl but wanted life. She made all sorts of planets but she didn’t have an eye fire planet. So she created the eye fire planet but she didn’t have anything to do it with. So she discovers that  there is rock fire and water on mars. Because she lives on mars. And then gets to work it takes 1 month to do it and then she remembers that she has no one to live on her eye fire planet. Then on mars she finds the last ever bit of fire .so she makes mans to live on the eye fire planet. Then comes up with a brilliant plan to make a paper planet. Then she thinks to herself that she doesn’t have any paper to make it with. So she finds the last bit of paper on mars.  And then makes paper planet and then has no one to life on paper planet. So she goes on looking for the last bit of paper on mars. And then makes women’s to life on paper planet .and the people that life on paper planet and fire planet life haply ever after.
TITLE: My creation myth

MYTH: Long ago before time itself there lived a three headed demon. He sat all alone with his head in his hands. “I want something to enjoy!” the three headed demon shouted, so he decided to try and make a breed called humans. They would have two feet and legs then two arms and hands plus one head. An hour after, he set to work, he was up all night and all the next day, he was determined to finish, the next evening he was done. It didn’t look like he wanted it to, it had two wings, a beak and a stick like body. This wasn’t a human and it wasn’t a masterpiece it was a disaster! The three headed demon decided to call it The Flying Carnivore.

He started to try and make humans again. He took longer this time and made sure it had all its needs. The next day the three headed demon was done, it was a human! Soon the world was populated with ten billion humans.
Soon after there was an unfortunate event. The flying carnivore was eating up every human. “HELP US.” a human screamed, “We have nowhere to hide.”

“We need to hunt it down” the three headed demon explained to the humans. So they agreed that the three headed demon would show them how to hunt, the next afternoon all the humans met the three headed demon in the meadow. They were all given long sticks with a pointy end named a spear. The humans started hunting rabbits.

Then by half an hour they had caught 1000 rabbits, by then the three headed demon decided to let them hunt the flying carnivore. “It’s going to be tough and hard and some of you won’t come back.” the three headed demon explained, “We agree” the humans replied as they went out to kill The Flying Carnivore for a final.
Some were dead after a while but the survivors kept trying as their friends fell to the ground. “If we want to kill this thing we need to stab him in the heart of his body.” A human screamed the three headed demon looked as he saw all the humans fall to the ground one by one. “I can’t watch this anymore, it’s dreadful how can I save them?” “caw” The Flying Carnivore screeched, “Whoo” a human shouted “I killed him.” Finally the flying carnivore was dead. From this day on the human race live on.        
|NAME: Ryan
TITLE: Creation myth

MYTH: It all began on a dark night when the huge bulky beast broke free from the lonesome prison he was in. He planned to slaughter the goddess of life who had imprisoned him. It was on that day that the goddess of life Arrya had a baby with glittering blue eyes but the moment the gods saw him they realized he needed a new head to make him look like a proper god so they took away his old head and replaced it with a wolf head they also gave him eagle wings and talons “from this day on your name is Fang” said the god of fire. Fang could tell the gods didn’t like him he wanted to show them he was a true god.  

Eleven years later which is a short time for gods because they live forever it was fangs ceremony where they would decide what fang would be god of, just then fang saw the giant he had heard so much about strolling away a small limp figure grasped in his hand. He watched in horror as the giant threw her on to the floor he realized with a sick feeling that it was his mum he ran to her body his eyes streaming with tears “wake up mum get up you can’t be dead you just can’t it was then that the god of fire came up with the other gods sadly, “you will have to be the new god of life” said the god of fire but fang wasn’t listening he was only interested in hearing the beating heart of his mum he waited and waited he waited for ten years but nothing. Fang new what he had too do he made it his mission to kill the giant who had slaughtered his mum. Four days later he set off, he new the gods didn’t expect to see him again but he didn’t care all he wanted to do was avenge his mum. After a long perilous journey he reached a cave that stank so badly of raw flesh. To make it even worse the sun was so hot that day. He ventured into to the horrible cave, eventually he found the giant he decided to take it by surprise.
After a blood filled battle fang finally emerged victorious.

So the giants head became the earth his nose became the moon his 1 million eyes became the stars and his blue blood became the oceans and lakes on earth. Fang went back too the gods but on the way back he found what looked like his old head he new earth needed people so he used his inherited power to make a body out of mud then he put the head on to it he breathed life into it the first human.
NAME: Ayan
Creation myth

MYTH: Long, long ago before the earth began. When there where only the sun, moon and stars. Afera, a daughter of the stars, had long black hair tied in a plait and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a long white dress with a silver sash round her middle. Her mother had made it before she had gone with the mighty dragon Lonega. He was the only one of his kind and death was lingering closer. It was his job to carry Afera after her world had been destroyed and all people with it. “Afera you are getting too heavy soon I will have to make a new world for you to live on” said Lonega growing sleepy.

“Am I” exclaimed Afera. “You are for an old dragon like me.” The next morning when Afera woke up she found herself lying on a patch of green stuff which was cool and smooth she looked around amazed there was green stuff everywhere and mud she knew it was mud because in her old world there was a lot of mud. Suddenly she noticed the dragon lying down his eyes where shut tight. Her face from a dazzling smile had turned to an anxious expression “Lonega Lonega wake are you ok” she said shaking him viciously “ wake up Lonega come on wake up” her eyes started to prickle she felt wet drops tumbling down her cheeks. She thought her heart had cracked in two. She fell to her knees she cried so much vast rivers and oceans formed. She didn’t sleep that night all she could think of was Lonega  in the end she went over to his dead body and cuddle up using his tail a as some warmth but mostly she was did not know what could be in this mistrust world. After a sleepless night she hoped to find some food. She found some berries they were a ruby red and tasted sweet and soft. When she had retuned she saw to her horror there was a giant animal with eight legs and

Six eyes and blood dripping from two spikes witch must have been it teeth and it hade been drinking Lonega’s blood. In her head which was already spinning she thought if it could bit through Lonega’s scales it could easily bit through my bones she screamed the monster tuned round he lunged followers she suddenly relies she wasn’t running she was sinking. Luckily she new how to handle quick sand carefully tacking her time, which she didn’t have, finale she was out but the monster was nearly upon her she sprinted of but it was impossible to run in a dress and she fell kicking out at the monster bits of mud flew away and landed on the monster but they weren’t bits of mud they were people little people with sharp knifes the monster made a high pitch scream and fell making thousand of trees and houses.

She thanked the little man and made and told them they can live in the shelters that the beast had made when he hit the ground and I shall make you each a woman and so from then on Afera daughter of the stars live on Lonega witch she now called mount Everest and the people lived below. A few years later the sky people Afera and her children and the ground people the humans got to gather and tried to decide on a name to call the planet they decided on the name earth but to make her other children happy she made more planets and name the after each child the names where mercury, Venus, mars Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and there all up in space together.     The end.
NAME: Renee
TITLE: My Creation Myth

MYTH: Before the world began there was a wolf called Balto. In the morning as a pup he wood eat his breakfast and practise flying and had massive wings, he was grey and write on his belly and big bulging  blue eyes He sat down with a frown on his face, then he had an idea he got up and walked to a small pile of hair and took a poor full. He walked over to his seat and sprinkled it in to a small ball and out popped a man and the man said “I have no where to live” in a squeaky voice. He thought where shall he live “oh yes” I’ve got eight big footballs a small football and a big orange dance ball”. He walked over to the big cupboard and all the balls came tumbling down, he picked one up then threw it and the ball and the man jumped down. He thought he should throw all the other balls but then he thought that he should decorate the boring balls one he made the orange one he set it on fire to make it a ball of fire.
NAME: Rachel
TITLE: Creation myth

MYTH: In the very beginning of the world there danced a girl called Chi Chi. She had a beautiful girl’s body and horses’ legs. Chi Chi was alone. She didn’t have a family or friends. Chi Chi put her hand on her head and she was crying. The tears came down her face like the rain falling from the sky. Chi Chi was very bored like a lion laying down on the ground and she was sad like she was in tears. She created people, plants and animals out of clay. When Chi Chi created people, plants and animals out of clay something happened people, plants and animals had melted into pieces.
NAME: Anna
TITLE: My creation myth

MYTH: In the being there was only one person on each different planet. Mr Earth lived on earth and his mouth was upside down like a bridge, his eyes were half shut like a sunset on a hill, he was so bored. Then one day sitting down with his head in his hands he came up with the most wonderful idea ever! He was going to ask all of the planet men if they wanted to come and live on earth with him they can also make other people. Soon Mr Earth brought up his idea to the planet people and they all agreed. So they all set of to pack. Soon every body was living on earth and making other people to live. It was a whole world of entertainment!!! And that is why to this day humans only live on earth! THE END!!!
NAME: Mason
TITLE: My Creation Myth

In the beginning before time itself there lived one huge caveman named Cabbage. He was all alone sitting quietly on his rock beside his cave wondering what to do because his life was very boring and he had no idea what to do because there was nothing to do!!! So for two hours he sat on his rock thinking and thinking. After a while Cabbage got extremely tired and started to doze off and he fell asleep. Later on he woke up and said “I must of dozed off?” then he remembered what he was doing he was thinking of what to do but he decided that he wasn’t going to think he was just going to sit there. As he started to get bored so he stated to think, but then he realized what he was sitting on was a piece of material that could be something quiet useful and he could create something. So he created something out of the hard firm rock and created a little mini figure that looked exactly the same as him and he hid it in his cave under his bed so no one could find it and fell asleep. When he woke up and he heard a noise in the distance and he wondered what it was and he stepped out side and he got killed and his body did something amazing. This is what happened his whole body transformed into the world and the little figure that he made came to life and the big man that killed Cabbage died. The end!!
NAME: Josh
TITLE: Creation Myth

MYTH: In the dark, dark nights there lived three exotic gods named Beneist, Star and Knoxville. They loved to skate together. The three gods lived on a huge piece of flat rock in open space. There were three skate parks one for each god. They had ramps, kicker’s quarter pipes and tons of other interesting stuff. Knoxville was bored so he got up out of his chair and grabbed the other gods and said “COME ON you bunch of lazy gods.  Let’s make big planet with tons of people so we can show our skills.” So Knoxville made a sun, moon and when he grinded sparks became stars. Beneist made humans and star made all kinds of food.
NAME: Zante
TITLE: Creation myth

MYTH: In the very beginning up a very steep hill in a spooky, haunted dark cave there lived a stinky rotten giant his name was Ben. Ben loved to eat banana skins and glass bottles and he drunk whisky. Ben was as lonely as a single cloud in the blue sky. He dreamt an enormous world. One day Ben looked up at the blue sky and saw misty swirly clouds and it blew really heavily. The whole world was doomed everything was dead all the buildings were crashed, all the trees were broken. And all the people were lying down on the floor dead! Then Ben decided he will create a giant world using clay, dead bodies, clothes wigs and slimy hearts! So then Ben started it took him a day and Ben was sweating like a camel in a desert. His watery blood was coming from his legs and arms and it was getting to evening then he realised he was fished. His first person was a beautiful woman Ben felt really calm and relaxed they fell in love and they had hundreds of clever children and they lived happily ever after. The children grew up and got married. The end
the Big Myth
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