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gallery of myths
NAME: Aidan Breen

MYTH: There once was a land of Gods, Gods and Goddesses from other worlds that were unseen. There was everything except people. The Gods had many differences, like some tall and strong but always were very stupid they were the crystal immortals. Some were very weak but could do things with their hands so well they could make anything they were the silver immortals. There was one kind that had language that any one could understand and they agreed on everything and worked together they were usually ignored they were the gold immortals. Simply because the other clans were too busy fighting or, bickering with each other, but one day the gold clan was tired of this. They decided to have a feast where they would discuss how to make the other colonies have peace with each other. They worked together but could not find a solution. So they decided to ask the mighty sky for an answer. They asked the sky “O mighty sky, we can’t figure out how to make the other colonies have peace with each other what shall we do? The sky said: “Hmmm, the silver people build structures very well, right? “Yes” the gold clan replied. “Get the silver clan to try to build a giant structure, so big they need the crystal clan to help them. Then the colonies will realize they need each other to make things and survive, now GO!” The sky said. “Yes, thank you o mighty sky.” The gold clan said, “The o mighty sky has asked us to make a structure so big it would cover the sky” They were amazed because of the task. But started any way. Both clans going separate ways, the crystal people found supplies but couldn’t make anything with them. The silver people could make structures but couldn’t lift the things they needed. But refused to work with each other. So the gold people jumped in and said “Thy is stabbing thy own self” which meant that they had to help each other or they wouldn’t be able to make the structure by themselves.

But the colonies wouldn’t listen, so the gold people went back to ask the sky for advice. “O mighty sky the people won’t listen to us!” said the gold people. “Hmmm… I shall send them a message, tomorrow hide your self deep down in a cave, don’t come out until the next day” said the sky. “Thank you o mighty sky” So the gold people ran and hid in a cave. When they had come out there was wood everywhere and trees were lying on the ground. No one was in sight, so the gold people asked the sky “What has happened” “I made a storm that knocked down all their structures and wood, so they’ve got to work together now, but I’ve given them a new task, a task of making people.” And so it began the task of creating people, immortals gathered clay to construct them, water so the clay would not dry, they suffered for many days with trying to figure out what they would look like. Until they reached a verdict, they would look like the immortals just not as strong. They act like them but would work together and they would never leave each other in separate paths, but the last quality was that they would complete world making it the one we have to day.
NAME: Brendan Tobin
TITLE: Oscar the Sun God and Swish the Water God               

MYTH: One day when the Oscar and Swish were in their domains, Swish noticed that he only had Oscar as a friend.  So Swish decided to walk through all the water to try to find any other animals in his domain.  Just as he was about to give up, he saw that the water was evaporating and it was getting really bright.  He knew it was Oscar and wondered why he was there. Swish paused and said,“ Why are you here?” 

Oscar answered in a hesitant voice.  It sounded like he was trying to find the right words.  “I wanted to say—that it is starting to get a little tedious with just you—and I wanted to try to find others like us.”

“There are none, Oscar,”  said Swish.  Then he thought to himself why do we make things like us and we call them people.  He suggested it and Oscar thought that it was a good idea. 

“What will we make them out of and how smart will they be?” said Oscar.            

Swish thought for awhile and then said,“ Out of wood and they will be really smart.”   So they made the people.  But Oscar and Swish noticed that the wood people loved the water and sun, but when they were out on the water, they bobbed around, floating, and when they were on land, they sometimes caught on fire because of the strong sun.  So Oscar and Swish decided to get rid of them and turn the into trees that knew nothing.

Oscar decided to make the next people out of stone, so he did and gave them half the knowledge that Oscar and Swish knew.  After that they noticed that the people worshipped the water for giving them fluids to drink and bathe in and they worshipped the sun for giving heat to warm them and the earth. 

Then Swish and Oscar also noticed that they were not eating anything and were getting sick.  Oscar gave them berry bushes and thought up things with fur and feathers…  They were called animals.  After the people captured the animals, they used the animals fur for clothes.  Oscar thought that his idea was perfect, but then Swish noticed that they had not ever seen them in person yet.

They walked to their creations from their domain and saw that they did not have the right shape and some were deformed, so they cut those ones into tiny pieces and used them to make the mountains.   Swish wanted to be able to make seven regions that were not connected to any part of the land forms.  They made sure that the clean water stayed in small parts in each region.

They found out that the people and animals could not stay up all night like they could, so they made a moon.  The moon would be bright, but not that bright, so that there would be darkness.  The people were less lazy and found food easier. The males and females had better relationships, and the people began to grow their own crops.  The new people worshipped Swish by taking as little water as they could, and trying to keep the water in the rivers and oceans clean.  They worshipped Oscar by praying to him to allow rains to fall sometimes and praying for heat, but not so much that the water would evaporate.
TITLE: How the Sun Keeps its Fire
MYTH: Long ago there was a great fire which burned all of the existing world with Delma, the goddess of earth, wind and fire had created. This world consisted of only land, sky and the small shrubs that lined the arid surroundings. Delma tried to plant trees but the only result was the saplings dying, but she tried her hardest to attain the goal then she decided the only way damp the fire would be to create water, that would create fertile soil full of earthworms. Somehow fire found out and became angry and declared that opposites, such as wind and fire, shall never live in harmony.
Delma tried and tried to placate fire by creating a son, Agmos, whose sole duty was to worship fire. Finally Delma decided that if fire was going to create only chaos that it should be banished to the southern lands where its anger could be slightly controlled. The southern lands would be able to consume excess heat in the sere earth.
Then Delma wanted to create a new species like Agmos but would not have the superior godly qualities. She thought and thought long and hard and then she concluded that the only way to create a new being would be to kill her beloved son Agmos by cutting away his heart. 
Agmos had fallen asleep under an olive tree just after the heat slackened into cool and that is when Delma the opportunity to sever him to grab the heart. Once Delma had grabbed the heart she covered it in warm soil and suddenly began to slowly transform into a being. Then Agmos disappeared transforming into the new sun, what he had wished for, shedding a new light upon the whole created world. Delma was punished for her offence by only being able to see Agmos but never meet again. She cried and cried for her heart was now broken by the winds of time wafting through her aching body. Her tears created all of the rivers and streams, her flesh was eaten by the birds and her bones were the solid mountains. Soon all of Delma's body was given back to the earth and Agmos was happy because of the many wrong doings she had created were now long gone with the mists of time.
Not long after Agmos, in his sun form, had found that he was able to create more beings just by aiming his rays towards the same olive tree underneath which his mother had murdered him. Agmos created more and more of these content beings who feasted on all of his creations of fruits and vegetables. This is how the Tibuli came to be.
NAME: Alex Groblewski

MYTH: The very beginning started out with nothing except Dark and Light.  Dark and Light didn’t know the other existed because when Dark slept, Light awoke and vice versa. Dark was very lonely and cried great big tears and then fell asleep. When Light awoke, he found himself drenched in dark tears. Light leapt up and began to heat Dark’s tears until they were hard and solid. Light was exhausted and fell fast asleep. Dark woke up and found her tears were gone. In its place was a brown sphere and it was huge for her tears were very large. Instantly, she was happy because she knew she couldn’t be the only one who existed. She named the sphere Earth, and cried more to create a cover. This time her tears surrounded Earth and stretched out forever. She wanted to know who helped her create Earth so she pretended to sleep. When Light woke up she watched him. Light didn’t notice her but instead was gazing at Sky. “Who is creating these things?” Light asked, expecting no answer.           

“It is me.” Earth replied from the shadows of the sky. Light jumped and fell from where he was standing. Bits of light went flying and stuck to Sky, creating Stars. They both looked up in amazement and then back at each other.           

“How did you make Sky?” asked Light.           

“I cried and my tears stretched forever.” Dark replied.           

“Let me try.” Light said. He began to weep and his tears fell and created the light blue Ocean, Lake, River, and Stream. They covered Earth entirely but soon slipped into the crevices of Earth’s surface. The ground where water had been turned green and up sprang Trees, Flowers, Grass and everything green. Dark and Light shouted for joy and didn’t stop for a long time. Some of the Trees grew scared and began talking.           

“If only we could move away from the noise!” cried straight one.            

“But our roots are too far down!” called slender, pessimistic Willow.           

“We will move!” argued Birch. “Watch.” With that he pulled his many roots up from the ground. When they were completely free they merged into two stumps and the branches into two arms. The twigs became hair and the leaves clothing woven together to protect them from the tears of Dark and Light. Willow tried and became just like Birch. The other trees followed and there was soon a whole crowd of two legged, two armed, clothed humans. The smaller plants did the same and they became the animals with feathers and fur made out of leaves.  Dark and Light stopped shouting and looked on in amazement. They thought they were the only ones who could create anything! They were jealous and secretly plotted a way to become the most powerful. Dark created clouds to cover Earth in darkness during her time and during his time, Light tried to burn everything to a crisp with Sun. But the humans and animals had a secret weapon. They could create the opposite of everything and did so to protect themselves. When Sun came out, they hid beneath Earth, in her hollow caves. When Dark held night they created Moon to give them a little light. They created the opposite of everything to make everything balanced.

This went on for a long time until Blackbird said, “We have War; now we need Peace.” Two Blackbirds flew high, high, high until they reached Dark and Light. “Everyone is fighting in vain!” they told them. “We can all rule together. Why do we need one creature most in power?” Dark and Light were speechless; they had never thought of that before. They agreed to try it out, this thing called Equality. To make it fair Light and Dark split each day into Day and Night. The animals and humans slept half through Day and half through Night so each would have it’s time to watch the people down below. And so Equality became to be and people and animals. People have since been able to talk to Trees and Animals, because they were all made of Light and Dark. But also created with everything else was Death. She would take whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. No one knew where people went after Death took them but it soon became part of Life.
NAME: Jacob
Creation Myth           

MYTH: Before there was anything there was a very small seedpod. Day by day the seedpod grew a little bit larger. Then one day, the seedpod exploded and two beings came forth. The first being was a woman, named Terrana; she was the goddess of the earth. The second being was a man, named Atmos; he was the god of the sky. They went right to work making their own domains. There were troubles along the way, but they helped each other. Terrana thought the earth was too dry, so Atmos made a huge rain and created the oceans, rivers, and bodies of fresh water. Atmos thought the sky was too bland, so Terrana threw up grains of sand from the earth and made the moon and stars that we see at night, and the sun that we see in the day. After many months of troubles and hard work, they had created the foundation of the world. They were very pleased with their work. Terrana and Atmos traveled around their own domains. Terrana admired the vast seas and tall mountains of the earth. And Atmos admired the fluffy clouds and brilliant stars of the sky. They admired their own domains, but they also admired the other being's domain. Terrana admired the multicolored rainbows and bright moon of the sky. And Atmos admired the deep valleys and dark caves of the earth.

One day, after all of the admiring, Terrana decided that the earth and the sky needed life, for she liked Atmos' company, but she wanted more things to admire and love and to make the domains livelier. She consulted with Atmos on this idea. Together they created the four-legged animals that roam the land, the birds that fly through the clouds, the fish that swim the oceans, and the winged insects that were chased through the sky. Again they were very proud of their work. Atmos admired the agile dragonfly and peaceful dove of the sky. And Terrana admired the swift cheetah and the stinging jellyfish of the earth. Again they admired both their own and the other being's domain's animals. Atmos admired the tough rhinoceros and gliding ray of the earth. And Terrana admired the luminescent firefly and efficient falcon of the sky. They both admired the new life they had given to the earth and sky.

After a while, Atmos noticed that something was missing from the earth and the sky. There was life, there were features, and there was everything, but yet something was still missing. One day while he was sitting in the clouds, it came to him: there was life, but the life didn't think of different things. They did what their instinct told them to do. There needed to be something else to complete the new world; something to think differently from the gods and from the animals. He decided that he would consult with Terrana on this idea, as she did with the first life. Atmos descended down to earth and searched for Terrana. She was nowhere to be found. Atmos soon found out from a diving bird that she was admiring the deep sea fishes and that she would not be back for a while; there was a lot to still explore on the earth. Atmos wanted to wait for Terrana, but he thought his idea was too desperate.

He sat down and tried to make a final life form. His first idea was to make this life form out of clouds. So he reached up into the sky and grabbed one of the fluffy clouds. From this cloud he made one new life form. Atmos liked this life form but the cloud made it weak and the other animals soon ripped it to shreds; not at all what Atmos wanted. Then Atmos tried to make it out of lightning. He conjured a small storm and grabbed a lightning bolt as it struck. From this lightning bolt he created another life form. This time the life form was too violent. It killed all the animals it saw; not at all what Atmos wanted. He quickly destroyed this life form. The sky god would not give up! The next material he tried was a piece of the moon. Atmos reached up and broke off a piece of the round white moon. From this piece he created another life form. This life form was too plain; it simply ate, drank, and slept; not at all what Atmos wanted. He dismantled this life form and put the pieces back into the moon. Atmos was tired from all this creating, so he went up into the clouds and fell asleep.

A while later Terrana came back from her expedition. She greatly admired the fish of the depths, but she thought there was something missing. There needed to be another life form to complete the new world. She sat down and thought and thought, and it finally came to her. There needed to be another life form to create things. The animals just created what was necessary and from obvious things. She wanted a life form to make more complicated things. She decided to discuss this idea with Atmos. She ascended up into the sky and started searching for Atmos. Terrana was in the middle of her search when she heard from a migrating bird that Atmos was gone on a trip and was searching for alternate materials. Terrana wanted to wait for Atmos, but she thought her idea was too desperate. So she sat down and thought of what would make an ideal building life form. Terrana first forged a life form out of rock. She found an ideal size of a rock and started chiseling it. When it was finished, Terrana set it down on the earth and observed it. The rock life form immediately knocked down a nearby tree. Then it collapsed a cave and rolled a boulder into a coral reef. This life form only destroyed; not at all what Terrana wanted. She immediately destroyed the life form that terrified her so. She then tried making it out of a softer material: clay. She scooped some clay out of the earth and started to sculpt it. Once it was done, Terrana set it down on the earth and observed it. This life form collected things, but didn't do anything with them. It wasn't as bad as the first one, but it was not what Terrana wanted. She decided to create one more being, and if it didn't work out, she would take a rest to think of new ideas. She thought and thought, and decided to create a being that was made out of a more creative material. This material was a piece of a coral reef. Terrana reached into the ocean and broke off a piece of a coral reef and brought it back to shore. She started to sculpt the coral. When it was done she set it down on the earth and observed it. This life form started out as a promising one: it collected interesting materials and created a foundation in the ground. Then it started building something. It changed its mind and then knocked down the thing it was creating and left it there. Terrana did not like this life form: it created things, but it left messes and littered the earth. She did not want this. Terrana stole the life from this life form and put it back in the coral reef. Terrana was tired from this creating, so she lied down on the shore and fell asleep.

The next day Atmos came back and he and Terrana met up. They explained their stories to one another and they shared their ideas. Atmos told Terrana how he wanted a life form that thought differently, and Terrana told Atmos how she wanted a life form that built differently. They both agreed that they could create a life form with both of those attributes, and it would be better than their previous attempts. Terrana and Atmos sat down together and thought of ideas. When they started to build, they did it together. Terrana put down a solid base of coral for creativity, and then Atmos added on a cloud for a little weakness. Terrana added some clay, for material thinking, and then Atmos added on some moon for instinct. It went on like this, but the gods made sure that these life forms weren't as powerful as the gods by lessening their sight and hearing, and made sure that they could not travel the earth as the gods did. When they were done, Atmos and Terrana had created two perfect life forms. They had decided to create one man and one woman, since they were a man and a woman and they worked together so perfectly. They set them down on the earth and observed them. The life forms did everything, and more, that the gods wanted. They thought around corners. They built creative things. The life forms even thought and built things that the gods hadn't thought of or built. They were also kind to the other animals. They were respectful of the earth and sky. They were peaceful. They treated everything as equals. They kept everything free. They did everything the previous life forms didn't do. Terrana and Atmos thought they were perfect. They called the life forms humans and told them that they should be in charge of the earth and that they should make more of themselves. Then the gods left them and decided to live on the top of the tallest mountain, for it was the place that was closest to the sky that was still on the ground, and was the one place where they could admire all of their creation.
NAME: Kate
TITLE: Yayan Creation Myth

MYTH: First there was only Letakishmidzt or Lightning and Gotakishmidzt or Thunder.  Letakishmidzt was a coward and did everything that Gotakishmidzt ordered him to do.  One day Letakishmidzt forgot to do the most important thing, to pray for a sun.  Gotakishmidzt was furious; all that he wanted was a sun to shine.  Gotakishmidzt accosted him so forcefully that it caused Letakishmidzt to jump and his bolt created the sun. Gotakishmidzt was overjoyed for the new sun, Yayana. Letakishmidzt was so thrilled he began to cry of happiness because he finally did something right. Yayana did not like the tears of rain and Letakishmidzt was scolded by Gotakishmidzt.  There was only one problem,  Yayana was lonely.  One day she asked the almighty Gotakishmidzt for an earth to care for, and Gotakishmidzt granted the wish. 

Yayana was overjoyed with Earth, Earth prayed to Yayana, which was the most important thing, but Earth was lonely. Earth asked the almighty Yayana for a person to care for. Yayana asked the almighty Gotakishmidzt for a person for Earth to care for, and Gotakishmidzt granted the wish. The persons name was Yayo, the first of the Yayan people. Earth was very pleased with Yayo, he prayed to Yayana, which was the most important thing, but Yayo was lonely.  Yayo asked the almighty Earth for a woman to keep him company. Earth asked the almighty Yayana for a woman to keep Yayo company.  Yayana asked the almighty Gotakishmidzt for a woman to keep Yayo company, and Gotakishmidzt granted the wish.

 Yayo was very pleased with his woman, whose name was Yaya, she prayed to Yayana, which was the most important thing, but Yaya wanted a child.  Yaya asked the almighty Yayo for a child for her to care for.  Yayo asked the almighty Earth for Yaya to care for.  Earth asked the almighty Yayana for a child for Yaya to care for.  Yayana asked the almighty Gotakishmidzt for a child for Yaya to care for, and Gotakishmidzt granted the wish.Yaya was very pleased with her child, whose name was Yay, she prayed to Yayana, which was the most important thing, but Yay wanted animals.  Yay asked the almighty Yaya for animals.  Yaya asked the almighty Yayo for animals for Yay.  Yayo asked the almighty Earth for animals for Yay.  Earth asked the almighty Yayana for animals for Yay.  Yayana asked the almighty Gotakishmidzt for animals for Yay, and Gotakishmidzt granted the wish. All of the animals prayed to Yayana, which was the most important thing.  And so the earth was created, and all lived in peace and harmony, while Yayana shone over them.

NAME: Hannah Becker
TITLE: Creation Myth

MYTH: Darkness. Darkness is how the world started. First there were no trees with branches, no sun to shine brightly, and no water to fill with fish. There were only two beings, a woman named Ava and a man named Arun. They roamed a dark, empty land. There was also a deep, even darker hole. Even though their world was dull, Ava and Arun felt they had all that they needed. They made a promise to each other not to go though the hole. One day, as Arun was passing by, he accidentally fell though the hole. As he slipped through the void, he felt slightly scared but as soon as he landed, and saw a light shining powerfully, he felt much better. He said to himself that after he captured the light, he would come right back with the light and share it with Ava. He was excited to bring back the light, and even though he would share it, he would get all of the power in deciding who could control it. As he was about to climb back he saw another hole in the second world. He hesitated, but eventually he climbed down to the third world. In this world, there were amazing, never- ending rivers and oceans. Arun was astonished and immediately took the waters. After he drained all of the water into his power he saw one last lingering hole. This time, without thinking he jumped down through the hole seeking more knowledge and power.

Unfortunately, as his head was rapidly slipping though, he saw that he was about to fall into an endless pit of darkness and doom. He tried to grab onto something, but his greed had overpowered him. He soon fell and was left to die. Meanwhile, Ava was searching for her companion in the first world. She decided that he must have fallen through the hole. She began a quest for her friend. She climbed though the first hole and saw nothing but another hole; Arun had taken all of the sunlight. So she climbed through the second hole. This time, there was not much, but there was a small puddle of water. She grabbed what was left of the water. She drank some of the water out of curiosity, and thought it tasted disgusting. She poured the rest of it out behind her. Without knowing, she had poured the water though the hole into the pit of doom.

The water landed in the mouth of Arun. He slowly awoke. He felt so guilty, that he gave up what he had left in himself for Ava to have a beautiful life. This life was filled with fish, sunlight, trees, and plants. With the last of his strength, he created trees and branches with his limbs. He created a sun with his head that shone with the light from the second world. He also created an ocean for fish to swim in. He created this from the water from the third world and from his tears that he cries every night Sometimes, when Arun’s arms get tired, you with see his limbs re-adjust and send leaves flying off the tree’s branches. And sometimes when he especially misses Ava you will see his tears overflow the oceans and create floods. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky you will see his warm smile in the sun.

NAME: Izzi

MYTH: The world was full of light. And the source of all light was named the Sun and in the Sun there was a Sun goddess named Solera. And there was nothing in the world except for her. And she was happy and all was peaceful and quiet. One day she was thinking and thought that if there was light then there must be an opposite, and she called that opposite into being and named the element Darkness and put a man inside it and named him Diko. At first she was happy and when she was outside she called it day and when Diko was outside she called it night. And for a while more she was happy.

But then she started to quarrel with Diko and she wanted to be out at the same time that he wanted to be out and they fought. Solera made beams of light and called them lightning and threw them at Diko. The first bolt exploded and became the stars, and Diko threw loud thunder at Solera which became the moon. And he hid in the moon when the lightning bolts would come. As their war raged on they threw thunder and lightning at the same time and they met and struck down to form the earth.

The lightning formed the ground and dirt and trees and every plant on the earth. It also formed the sky. The thunder formed ocean and lakes and rivers and all water and the clouds in the sky. In the trees there were nuts and from the loud noise of the fights a nut fell off of the tree and broke into a girl and a boy. Nuts fell off of many different trees of different types and created people of different religions and beliefs. For each there was a boy and a girl and they all shouted to Solera and Diko and they stopped fighting to look down. They saw their creations in awe and spoke to them. Their voices were so loud that another nut fell and broke and out came all the animals that populate the earth today. The girls and boys could not understand Solera and Diko, so they made up a way of communicating called writing and Solera and Diko wrote on the earth with their fingers. What they wrote became the hills and valleys and rivers and mountains. The boys and the girls read the words

"This world is for you and the animals. Share it and take good care of it. All of you will go to a different place on earth which we will leave you to decide. And you will go with your mate. If there is any fighting over places then no one will get to live there. We will be watching you, and when the lightning and thunder storms come, it will be our thanks to you for caring for our world. Be sure not to be touched by them though, for they are harmful." With that Solera and Diko went back into the sky and realized that they could both always be out since the world was round and they settled at their posts and watched the people.    

NAME: Isabel Fitzpatrick
A Long, Long, Long Time Ago
MYTH: A long, long, long time ago, before it all began, there lived the Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness. They lived together in a place where it was dark and empty, except for one little light. They didn’t see each other much because the Goddess of Light stayed near the little light and the God of Darkness stayed in the darkest parts of their home. Then, after a long while, the Goddess of Light realized that her light was so little and that darkness surrounded her light and that darkness was so much bigger. It was not equal. So, she confronted the God of Darkness as soon as she had gotten over her fears of leaving her light.
“Dear God of Darkness, I am truly sorry to bother you, but I would like to ask you something. Would it be alright if I added some more light to our home? There is so much darkness, and so little light. If I added more light then darkness and light would be equal,” said the Goddess of Light.
“Hello sweet Goddess of Light. I don’t see why we shouldn’t or couldn’t have more light. If we added more light then there would be an equal amount of light and dark. So, why don’t you go ahead and create more light for yourself. It was very nice to hear from you Goddess of Light,” replied the God of Darkness. So, the Goddess of Light went off to create more light. After a long time, she created many little dots of light that she called stars, one giant star she called the sun and one rock that would reflect light from the sun in the darkness that she called the moon. She was so excited until the God of Darkness came to speak to her.
“There is too much light! I cannot take it anymore! It is not equal like you said it would be!” the God of Darkness exclaimed.
“What ever do you mean, God of Darkness? It is more equal now than it has ever been. We shall keep the light!” said the Goddess of Light.
“NO! NO! NO!”replied the God of Darkness, and with that he threw a little black hole at her. Both of them were so angry, so they got into a fight. The Goddess of Light threw stars back at the black holes and they collided. As they collided, they formed a god. The god they created was named the God of Earth. The God of Earth loved both the Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness since they were his creators, but he hated to see them fighting. So, he went away and curled up into a ball. When he was mad he would punch around him and he made the mountains and land. When he was sad he would cry and he made the oceans, rivers, and lakes.  After a long time, he finally calmed down. When he calmed down he realized that he missed the Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness. He realized he was lonely.
The Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness came to visit him. The Goddess of Light said she would watch over him for half the time, through the sun, during a time called day. The God of Darkness said he would watch over him for half of the time, through the moon, during a time called night. The two of them created creatures called animals and humans. There would be two types so they could reproduce. One type would be female and the other would be male. The female would give birth to the baby because she is strong, just like the male. They would keep the God of Earth company and make him happy.
Soon, the God of Earth fell in love with the creatures that lived on him. They reproduced and made more creatures to love. He grew his hair long which made plants and trees for the creatures to eat. He made some of his tears unsalted so that the creatures could drink from them. Every day he would see the Goddess of Light and every night he would see the God of Darkness. When the Goddess of Light watched over him in the day, she would ask the day creatures how the God of Earth was doing, how she could make things better, how she could make things more equal. They would talk and share stories. When the God of Darkness watched over him in the night, he would ask the night creatures how the God of Earth was doing, how he could make things better, and how he could make things more equal. They would talk and share stories.
They did this for a long, long time. The only time that the Goddess of Light and the God of Darkness would meet was at sunrise and moon fall. During these few minutes they would talk and share stories and eventually they became friends again. Together they promised the God of Earth that many millions and billions and trillions of days and nights later, they would end the time of the planet Earth and all three of them would live together in happiness.
NAME: Jorge
SCHOOL: Glen Urquhart schoo
TITLE: ORIGINATION - About Humankind and Why There are No Dragons But There are Heroes

MYTH: In the very beginning, there was only Existence.  Existence was lonely, so the great deity wished to create 2 beings.  And it was so.  They were called Chaos and Balance.  Balance created a race of 14 gods and goddesses.  They created a world of peace.  But Chaos wanted to make the planet corrupt.  So the gods sealed away Chaos in a holy imprisonment.  The gods then created mountains, rivers, valleys, deserts, everything we see here.  And it was good. The gods and goddesses were all lonely, so they created the seven great animals: dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit, monkey, and dragon.  Then the gods paired up with one animal and created humans.  The first group, monthoseeka, created a race of humans that had a sense of adventure.  Those people created the day Monday in their honor.  Then, the group tuesdakahala, created a race of people who were loyal to the end.  And so it was, with every group creating the humans, and every animal giving their traits.  And it was good.
Meanwhile, Chaos had created a race of 2 gods, who in turn created a feared animal: the snake.  As the snake slithered to the people, it corrupted their minds and filled them with visions of war.  The people all fought, and there was great fighting between the gods, for they each wanted to destroy all the people except for their own.  And so it was that Chaos and war reigned supreme, and no deity or person had ever resolved the conflict.
For five years, the battle raged on.  Five years of blood and destruction.  Five years of death.  For those five years, the earth was in need of help.  And so it would be.  The only creatures that were not affected by the snake’s evil cunning were the seven great animals.  They all banded together to try and find a way to stop treacherous snake.  But none of the first six animals could.  Only the dragon had a plan.  He was not strong, nor did he have the fighting spirit.  He possessed wisdom and bravery beyond compare.  With both, he devised a plan.  He went seeking snake.  When snake was found, the dragon began to speak.  He said, “I have come to make a deal with you.  You will go into the center of the great forest, away from people.  I will go into the heavens, away from the gods.  If you come out of the forest, so shall I return from the heavens.”  Snake eagerly agreed.  He then slithered his way into the forest.  But once he got in, he did not know how to get out.  Every path looked the same.  Even now, he does not know how to get out.  Only when he sheds his skin, is there war.  And only then does a hero arise, one who is as wise and brave as dragon once was.  So it was, and so it shall be.    

NAME: Rhianne Fyall
AGE: 12
TITLE: Why is the Earth Round?

MYTH: The Earth began flat. One day, the mighty God ‘Colin’ created Man. But Colin soon realised all the men that he had created were falling off the edge of the Earth. He wasn’t happy about using his energy and wasting it. He kept on making men, but it carried on happening. After this he decided he would make Man and Woman. These survived for a while but he was so angry about losing the others, he only had enough energy to create these last two people. His rage got so great that he exploded into pieces. The force of the explosion moulded the Earth into a spherical shape and the small pieces fitted into the extra spaces. Now, the Earth you walk on is the God named Colin. And luckily, the man and woman survived the explosion, and carried on the human race.

NAME: Daniel Rignall
AGE: 13

TITLE: The Creation of Heaven

MYTH: There were many gods in the world. Gods from different countries and religions. Some of them are long forgotten, some of them are still worshipped. Long ago, at the dawn of time, every god that was ever worshipped lived in the Nothingness before life began. They lay in the vast black space waiting for their fate to come true. Eventually, they had an idea. Collectively they had created the most almighty spirit, the powerful Creation God, which in due time, billions of humans would learn to worship.

Slowly, they began to create the universe. Galaxies were made, and then the stars, and suns began to appear. Huge planets and moons emerged from the darkness to create solar systems. Together, they had made the entire universe, but they wanted to concentrate their powers on one small planet – a tiny rock in a vast galaxy that would one day be called Earth. They wished for life to thrive on this planet, humans and animals, plants, and trees, they believed that this was their purpose. To do this amazing feat they would have to have somewhere to work from, somewhere to watch over their creations. This place was to be called Heaven. Up until now the gods had wandered the universe as one invisible spirit, but now they had Heaven, a divine land set up for gods and a place where life could be brought after death.

The gods were happy, however about a third of them were conspiring. They had been joined to one another for many a millennia now, and as the idea of life on earth was slowly becoming a reality, they decided it was time to act. Suddenly, at the dawn of evolution, the conspiring gods broke free from the others and together they fled from Heaven. As a third is smaller than two thirds, the conspirators decided it would be wise to hide under the earth and create a land – a land which would one day be named Hell. Thus the creation of the universe and the separation of Heaven and Hell came to be.

NAME: Rohit Shivani
TITLE: The Caribbean Creation Story

MYTH:Many millions of years ago there was a blank Earth, there were no other life just hard rock was everywhere. There were four gods on it Azacca the wisest, Samedi the only female, Zaka-Mede the youngest one and Voodou the eldest. They all lived on the lonely Earth on and feast on magic. Unitil the the great rumble they all survived except Voodou. As he was the eldest he had give his life to save them. His blood had become the sea lakes and rivers, his legs arms and belly became the 5 continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America, his left ear the North Pole and this right the South Pole. His fingers became the Caribbean islands and his head blew up and became all the earth’s nature and his feet became the volcanoes. Everything else of him became the sun.11`The earth had now become beautiful but Azacca, Samedi and Zaka-Mede wondered who would rule it .Azacca became ruler as he was now the eldest , Samedi was ok with it but Zaka-Mede

NAME: Callum Grant-Cawdell
TITLE: This is a creation myth that created for an island civilization with the development of about what the Aztecs had before the Spanish destroyed Technotitlan. 

MYTH: Nuth was the all powerful lord over all.  Out of the darkness, Nuth created the Deceivers.  The Deceivers were mighty titans of eternal wrath, who had only the light to fear.  In the beginning, there was only darkness. Out of the darkness, Nuth created the Deceivers.  The Deceivers were mighty titans of eternal wrath, who had only the light to fear.  Nuth felt that the Deceivers needed a realm in which they could test their might against each other, so he created a small, blasted land, surrounded by water on every side.

When Nuth forced the Deceivers into this realm to entertain him, they were fuelled by a rush of lust and burning.  Nuth expected the Deceivers to do as they were created to, to fight and entertain him.  But it was not so, for the next day, Nuth was assailed by one hundred Deceivers of great power.  Nuth laughed at this, and created humans for slaves to the Deceivers, but they did not honour this tribute either.  It was then that in his rage, the mightiest Deceiver leapt at Nuth and pinned him to the floor.  The enraged warrior ripped Nuth’s heart out of his ribcage, and it was at this moment that Nuth realized his mistake.  In his final moment of living, Nuth used the last of his magic to turn his still-beating heart into the sun, and all the blood spurting out of it into the stars, as the mighty warrior threw the sun far into the sky, because it was far too hot for his grasp.

The Deceivers were forced to flee the surface of the world by the bright light that now plagued their island.  They dug deep into the Earth, living in the underground caves.  Eventually, almost every Deceiver was driven to insanity by the endless caverns.  This lead to conflict and violence between the Deceivers, as this was their intended nature.  However, some of the most powerful and wise Deceivers took a creative look on the world now inhabited by their light-loving human slaves, as they could now see the error of their own barbaric ways watching the insane fight each-other in the caves.  Muon-Hi created the moon to allow the humans to survive through the night with their poor eyesight.  Clojun-Mar created the clouds, in hope of blocking light from reaching the surface, so she could return to the surface, but something went she was attacked by a deranged Deceiver in the process, and the light remains, though she survived, she had lost some of her power in the ambush.  The siblings Hean-Ki and Silva-Jior worked wonders upon the island with the assistance of the light.  Hean-Ki healed the ground of its blasting and all the scars it had received from battles fought, while Silva-Jior created plants, and raised the trees to their great heights.  Together, the two created other life forms, the birds, and reptiles, and fishes, inhabiting the wondrous land. 

The humans that understood the blessings they had been given by the Deceivers named themselves after the most generous of the Deceivers, Hean-Ki and Silva-Jior.  They called their tribe Silva-Ki, taking the first part of the name from their mother, and the second part from their father, as was traditional for the Deceivers, after their tribe’s supposed mother, Silva-Jior, and mythical father, Hean-Ki.  From the teachings of the Nuth, the god of darkness, and the gifts of the Deceivers, they developed a civilization and ways of living according to their beliefs. 

NAME: Jayden Frankling
TITLE: The Magician

MYTH: There once was a man called Galith and a woman called viole. They were the only two mammals alive on ground but they didn’t know what the ground was they just walked, slept, sat and laid on this unknown surface. One day Viole gave birth to a child she had no idea that she was going to give birth it just happened galith was so surprised he went out to try and find someone to tell but he found nothing on the way back from his journey which to 2 years he found something he didn’t Know what it was so he took it back with him. When he showed viole she said it was an egg of some sort so they kept it over the next few weeks. They waited patiently for the egg to crack. It finally cracked a year later. They found that the egg belonged to a creature but they didn’t know what he creature was. Over the years they looked after the creature the boy played with it he gave it a place to sleep and everything. But one day the boy said some thing strange and suddenly a piece of food fell out the sky, he said something else and more food fell out the sky.

"I can feed now mother with my new skill” Cried the boy. The next day he said something and the sky when bright they thought they had gone blind but he had just created the sun. As the days went on he created millions of things rain, Lakes, the sea, ect. The Magician they called him till one day it was a sunny day they were hot and sweaty the boy was thinking of things he could create when he said something then the next thing there is a man walk towards the with no clothes on when he reached them he asked them were he was but they haven’t . The boy said “never mind were you are, Would you like some clothes?” ”What are clothes?” replied the man “things you wear" told the boy. So the boy whispered some thing again and from the sky came one t-shirt and one pair of trousers “thanks” said the kind man.           

So as the years go on the boy created virtually everything people the was now buildings and sand, grass and other grounds. Before long it was time for the boy to be put to peace as he passed away after his last creation his own child witch he trusted to carry on his work with what ever they wanted he would create for them so soon every one was happy they had everything they wanted. The life of any animal or person was to be born grow reproduce and die and that’s what they all have done till this day and will carry on though to when the world ends.
NAME: Ariel Bunda
TITLE: The Greek Myth (rewritten)

MYTH: Back when the world was new planet eath was a vast empty space. On this vast empty space were the first who inhabitted the world. These were  GIGANTIC BEINGS called THE TITANS. They were the first generation gods that ruled the earth. the most powerful of them all was the great god and king of all that is Kronus, his sister Rhea was his wife. Together wiht his many brothers and sisters they ruled the entire universe. One night kronus dreamed of one of his sons will overthrow him as king and be the new ruler of the heavens. when Rhea gave birth to several children (boy or girl), Kronus would swallow each and every one of them. Making sure that he still has the power over the universe. Rhea gave birth to a boy the last of her children. She named him Zeus, Rhea was afraid that Zeus would be swallowed by Kronus. She made a plan instead of giving Kronus the baby, she gave him a stone wrapped in a cloth. kronus swallowed it thinking tha it was tha child. While that happened zeus was hidden and grew up to be strong and powerful.

The day came Kronus was afraid of. Zeus came to heaven and started fighting the titans. Wielding his thunderbolts each stuck down the titans. He freed his brothers and sisters tha was swallowed by Kronus. After the battle, Zeus overthrew his father and imprisoned THE TITANS in tartarus the abyss below the world. Zeus the new king of the gods together with his newly released brothers and sisters ruled the world. Zeus had each responsiblities for his bothers and sisters. together thay created the earth and the humans that inhabitted it and to worship the gods. Zeus was pleased for what he has made. the pantheon of gods now lived in mount olympus the highest peak in all of the world.
TITLE: Ulti & The Life Sphere

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing, no earth, no planets, stars, nothing! There was only a great being called Ulti, meaning "The Ultimate One". Ulti was tired of being alone, with nothing to play with or someone to play with. So one day, Ulti decided to make a ball to play with. But this wasn't any ordinary ball. This ball was made from Ulti's life force. The ball was made of light also. The ball was very shiny, with big shapes of different bright colors in it. All the color of light revolved around one ball of color in the middle, which was bigger and brighter than all, this color was green. Ulti called the ball "The Life Sphere", because of all the lively colors and shapes in it, plus it was made out of Ulti's life force. Ulti loved this ball with al his heart. He played with it all the time, from when he woke up, to when he went back to sleep. Even when he went to sleep, he slept with it wrapped in his arms. Centuries went on and he kept doing the same thing. But the ball began to wear out, slowly getting weaker as time went on.

So one night when Ulti was sleeping, he had a nightmare. While having it, he began squeezing the ball. Harder and harder Ulti kept squeezing, until finally, BOOM!!! The ball burst open. When it did, all of the contents inside of it scattered everywhere. The bright white light broke into billions of pieces, which are now called stars. The shapes became planets, the big green light became Earth. When Ulti woke up he was saddened to not have his ball anymore, but when he saw what became of it, that sorrow quickly diminished and turned into excitement. With all that excitement also came curiosity. Ulti began to experiment with every planet, star, everything. Slowly he began to understand and figure out what was what and how did it function, also its purpose. Ulti was looking at the planet Neptune and saw his reflection. Then that's when the idea came to him, to make little replicas of him to live on these planets. He tried to put the first man on some of the planets but they wouldn't stay alive for more than 5 minutes. So he tried Earth, just realizing that was once the great green light that was in the center of the ball. He put his creation there and it worked. He then started to notice that his creation would be alone like he was, so he made a creation that was opposite of him, a woman. He loved to see that his creations began to get along so well and what he made is coming along good. But there wasn't any light. Ulti found a gigantic rock, bigger than all the other planets. He sensed it couldn't be a planet because he didn't ever see it in his ball. So he figured it was the light that was so bright in his ball. It was perfect for Earth, and Ulti cracked it opened by hit it with his fist. BLAM!!!  The Sun was released; there was a bright, warm, shining light.

It began to get very, very hot, and Ulti heard his human’s screams in pain from the heat. So Ulti moved the Earth far from the light, but close enough for it to feel its warmness and have its light. He also decided to make it go away so they may sleep at night. But it was too dark, even with the stars lighting up the night. Ulti took a sun ray, and star and put them together. He created the Moon, or as he called it "Earth's Nightlight". Ulti was very satisfied at what he created. As time went on he began to create more. Making animals out of strange images he saw in his head, plants and trees for their food. The ocean when he cried about his ball. The heavens when he thought he should have a kingdom for his creations for when they pass and come join him. But all these things wouldn't be possible without Ulti and his Life Ball.
NAME: Karisha Martin
SCHOOL: New Design High School, NYC

MYTH: In the beginning there was a god named LAN and nothing but the sea, clouds and one fruit tree. One day LAN created a magical man from the water in the sea. The man loved to sit on top of the clouds and dream.  One day the man got really mad at beening alone so he split the sea into half land and half sea. After finishing that he got back on his cloud and took one of his ribs out and threw it into one of the clouds. Out fell a woman. The first man and woman had many children and food to eat but the man thought they needed more. He took the gritty tan sand from the land and blew on it. After doing that many trees appeared. Whatever the family needed or wanted the man took the sand and blew on it. One day the man's oldest son was beening very rude and disrespectful to his parents. His name was mark. Mark tried to run away and end up hurting himself by tripping and falling on a rock. His parents ran after him to try and help. He was bleeding so badly on his leg. A few seconds later bugs and anmials stared coming out his legs. His parents were so scared and just sat there and watched because there was nothing they could do. It lasted about 10 minutes and that’s how animals and humans came about.
NAME: Tamara  Ebanks
CITY: Brooklyn, New York  

MYTH: In  the  beginning  four  gods  roamed  the  heavens  bored  out  of  their minds  they  decided  to  create  another  world,  so  they  can  escape  and  have  fun.  The first  god,  Amora,  the  goddess  of  love,  birth,  and nature,  decided  to  create  humans,  trees, and  all  other  living  things  and  put  them  on  earth  to  rule  them.  The  second  god,  Luna,  the  goddess  of  the  moon  and  sun,  created  night  and  day along  with  the  days  of  the  week.   The  third  god,  Sea-Ara, the goddess  of  water  created  the  oceans,  seas,,  rain,,  hail,,  snow,, and  other bodies  of water on earth and land.  Last  but  definitely  not  least,  Bella-Donna,  the  goddess  of  war, created  hate,  and  death.  One  day  their  parents  caught  them  creating  another  planet  and  other  living  beings  without  supervision  or  following  protocol,  and  so  they  punished  them  for eternity.  Because  they  were  punished  for  eternity  they  couldn’t  rule  over  earth  anymore.  So they  had  to  leave  the  earth  and  the  people  on  their  own  and  let  people  rule  by  themselves.  Before  they  left   they  made  sure  that  they  would  not  be  forgotten.  Amora  made  it  so  everyone  would  be  able   to  love  and  every  female  would  be  able  to  give  birth.  Sea-Ara  made  sure  that  it  would  rain  every once in awhile.  Luna  made  sure  that  every  100  years  the  sun  and  the  moon  would  come  up  at  the  same  time  causing  an  eclipse.  And  Bella-Donna  made  sure  that  everyone  would  feel  pain,,  sorrow,,  and  hate  and  that  after  a  long  while  everyone  would  have  to die.
the Big Myth
"The Big Myth" Distant Train 2010