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When one thinks about interaction in educational settings where computers are in use, one tends to assume that the interaction taking place is between the computer and the person working at the computer. An assignment appears on the screen. Subsequently, the person watching the screen responds to the question and discovers from the screen whether his or her reply was correct or incorrect. Interaction refers to much more than this in The Big Myth. Assignments can only be completed if students work together, and the presentation of results occurs in front of the class or they are communicated to students at other schools (in principle anywhere in the world). The computer provides the "input" for a learning process, and offers the opportunity to present results via internet. But the actual learning process takes place when students are engaged in discussion with each other, when they are solving problems and when they are preparing a presentation. In this manner, The Big Myth fits into the tradition of cooperative learning.
How To Use This Site offers general information about the technical aspects of the site itself. This section is particularly useful for teachers who have a limited understanding of the internet.
The Computer & Cooperative Learning offers a guide to the philosophy of this method of teaching, as well as how to create the most effective learning environment for students when they need to share computers.
The Teachers' Guide offers general information on group learning and interaction.
The Staffroom is the area where teachers can contact each other and engage in discussion- although there is no live chat available, teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions or discuss certain topics with each other, as well as have a list of all the other schools officially taking part in the project.
the Big Myth
"The Big Myth" Distant Train 2007