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Here are a few comments about the Big Myth CD-ROM written by teachers who have used the material in class:
Award of
THE BIG MYTH - a study of world creation myths in Flash animation.Your website has been selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere. StudySphere is one of the Internet's fastest growing sites of educational resources for students, teachers and parents. StudySphere has scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included within its listing of educational links.

Dear Creators,
thank you for The Big Myth which arrived yesterday.  The post was much faster than expected.  It has arrived long before we completed our study on Myths and will be a great help to us. It is very good and I will certainly recommend it my colleagues.
Kind regards, andre

Thanks again for your good service; this site is such a wonderful teaching tool.  Sandra

Hi Fiona,
Thank you very much for taking care of this and responding so quickly to my questions. I am always unsure if I am doing things correctly when it comes to computer/techie kind of things! My kids will be very excited to learn that we can explore some new myths today. The Big Myth website has helped to make them very excited about history even to the point of saying, "When can we do history again, mom." Thanks again for your time.
Naomi Fitzgibbons

Hi there,

I wanted to let you know that I think your site The Big Myth is incredible! It is a teacher's dream! It is really engaging for the students and allows them to work the information out on their own instead of me trying to force feed them. I am really excited to use the site further.

Jillian Ferguson
English Teacher
Manitoulin Secondary School
Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


I am a high school English teacher in Dayton, Ohio (USA). I want to tell you how much I love your website and what's so good about it!

The teacher whose room is next door to me found this site. We have both been doing a project in which students must create their own creation myths. We use your site as a basis for the project. Students read several different myths, do a compare & contrast chart, then create their own creation stories.

The students absolutely love it! They are completely taken in by the Flash animation, and students who struggle with reading appreciate the verbal version as well. This is a wonderful site. Thank you for all of your hard work in creating it!

Amber M. Davis
English Teacher
Stebbins High School


Thank you! I greatly appreciate it. This is the best lesson I have seen yet to teach this theory.

With Gratitude,
Alice Griffin

Hi Fiona,

Thank you for the excellent CD-ROM! You've done a great job animating these fascinating stories. I will use this CD-ROM in my classes.

Mark Gaare
Milpitas, CA, USA

Thanks for such a timely response. You should be working for all the companies (and there are thousands) for whom customer service is a meaningless phrase. I am blown away by your attention to my needs. Thanks again!!!

Ed Taylor

I received the CD-Rom. It's wonderful. I'm sure my students will enjoy this journey through cultures immensely. I mirror much of the same issues, topics, and overall educational perspective in all my classes.

Elvira Contreras
George Washington High School
English Department, 9th Grade World Literature
San Francisco, CA.

Thank you Fiona.

I just recieved the cd today. I will be sure to let many teachers know about this wonderful resource and Great! service that I have recieved from you.

Tamisa Mayer
A very satisfied teacher!


i would like to thank you for publishing the creation myths produced by the children of baines endowed primary school, blackpool, england. the children really enjoyed the myths from your site, and these were a great inspiration for their work. they were absolutely thrilled to see their work published. in addition, the inspectors looking at our school at the time were very impressed with the use of your website, and also with the work the children produced. i hope to use this site next year with another group of children, and hopefully get their work published,

thanks again,
phil powell
(year 6 teacher)

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