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Alliance for a New Humanity is a venue for encounter for those who are working for humanity, a platform responding to the challenge of dehumanization, by unifying the constructive, caring, human voices of the world. Its goal is to recapture humanity’s, humanity, to reconnect with the spiritual value of oneness, to connect those perceiving it and to project the feeling through all means, far and wide, increasing the sharing platform of humankind.

American Academy of Religion (AAR) and its partner organization, the Society of Biblical Literature, are scholarly organizations that sponsor conferences and meetings exploring multiple world religions and spiritual traditions, as well as publications and other valuable resources.

The Armagh Rhymers are one of Northern Ireland’s most celebrated masked folk theatre ensembles. They have delighted audiences all over the world with their unique blend of music, drama, song and dance.

Atlanta Jung Society

Bioneers is a network of citizens, scientists and entrepreneurs that explores practical solutions adapted from natural systems and native cultures and then applies those solutions to fundamental environmental, economic and social challenges.

Comedy for Peace is a very serious effort to promote peace in a very funny way. They use comedy to show Palestinians and Israelis a way to co-exist and film to broadcast this message to a global audience.

Centre de L'Imaginaire Arthurien is a French Arthurian resource center housed in the Chateau de Comper-en-Broceliande in Brittany, France. The Centre promotes the study of Arthurian legend and Breton folklore. Director Claudine Glot publishes books on Breton lore, and curates art exhibitions at the Abbaye de Daoulas in Brittany, including Fées, a 2002 exhibition of fairy tale art from the 12th to 21st centuries.

Distant Train produces animated Web and digital media projects, including The Big Myth.

Duirwaigh Gallery is dedicated to "the art of enchantment," featuring paintings, sculpture, dolls, and merchandise (prints, cards, calendars, etc.) by artists Amoreno, Amy Brown, Kinuko Craft, Ian Daniels, Wendy Froud, Linda Ravenscroft, Charles Vess, Terri Windling, and others. Duirwaigh, which means "door" in Gaelic, specializes in art (for both children and adults) that opens doorways into the realm of Faerie. Based in Georgia near Atlanta, they maintain an on-line gallery, a publishing company, and promote their artists at shows around the country.

EmergentSpirit is a spiritually-rooted community adult education center in the Atlanta metro area. Through seminars, interest groups, conferences, retreats, and special events, and with roots in the mystic-contemplative dimensions of the Judeo-Christian tradition, they explore a new spiritual vision for the new millennium — an interspiritual vision that seeks to move beyond dogmatism, exclusivism, and biblical literalism, into an open, integral spirituality honoring diversity and difference, and drawing on the mystical core of all the world's great religious traditions.

Endicott Studio of the Mythic Arts, an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the creation and support of mythic art.

Georgia State University's Department of Religious Studies

Green Man Press in Abingdon, West Virginia specializes in art, illustrated books, and comics inspired by myth, legend, fairy tales, and traditional ballads. Their beautiful publications are illustrated by Charles Vess, and written by a variety of writers from Charles de Lint to Sharyn McCrumb. Vess and Shaffer have also curated two exhibitions of mythic art: Dream Weavers, which toured museums and galleries in the U.S. in 1992, and the Mythic Journeys Ancient Spirit, Modern Voice exhibit at the DeFoore Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004.

Heartland Circle is a member-based network offering resources, education, and access to the VisionHolders who are called to be social and organizational pioneers in these times. The Heartland Members Circle utilizes web-based community-building tools to support connectedness and conversation on many levels. Heartland offers online community services, publishing and commerce, authentic conversation, support and leadership development, challenge and inspiration, face-to-face at retreats, and voice-to-voice through The Art of Convening TeleTraining.

Imaginal Institute is a conduit for imagining: celebrating and supporting the leap between ideas and action through dialogue, lifelong learning, and creative expression.

Interstitial Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the celebration, study, and promotion of Interstitial Art, supporting artists and scholars who work between or across genres and traditions. The IAF’s goals are to foster connections between interstitial artists in a wide variety of fields, and to support the efforts of individuals and organizations (small presses, events venues, etc.) that bring various forms of interstitial art before the general public.

The Interstitial Studies Institute at the State University of New York, New Paltz campus, is devoted to the study and practice of the Interstitial Arts: literary production that falls between currently established genres and forms, including mythic arts. The goal of ISIS is to facilitate the understanding and production of such literary works. Each summer, ISIS conducts an intensive writing workshop and analytic seminar, often including Endicott writers as guest speakers.

Joseph Campbell Foundation. Mythic Imagination Institute was born in the Atlanta Mythological RoundTable, a discussion group sponsored by the Click here to find (or start) a Mythological RoundTable in your area.

Journey Into Wholeness is a community committed to individual and collective transformation through an exploration of the relationship between modern spirituality and the psychology of Carl Jung. They offer an opportunity to explore this relationship through conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events conducted throughout the country and the world. The offices of Journey Into Wholeness are located in Brevard (near Ashville), North Carolina.

MARIAL: Emory University's Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life

Miriam's Well produces conferences and other events in the New York area.

Museovivo is a foundation that works with the myth that is still alive as an anthropological reality in Chili, South America. They work with young people to create a "living museum" spaces that extend the borders of consciousness, encompass a multiplicity of world visions, and nurture pride in the humble pursuits of daily life. Living folkways are sustained via the history, visions, garments, pastimes, medicine, music, rituals, deities and mysticism of a people.Some English translations, but much of this web site is in Spanish.

The Mythopoeic Society celebrates the "mythmaking" works of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and their fellow Inklings. They publish journals and newsletters, host an annual myth convention, give annual awards to mythic novelists and scholars, sponsor local discussions, and more.

The National Association for Poetry Therapy promotes healing and growth through poetry. "Bibliotherapy" literally means books, or literature, to serve or help medically. Poetry Therapy is a specific and powerful form of bibliotherapy, unique in its use of metaphor, imagery, rhythm, and other poetic devices.

The 2005 National Black Arts Festival celebrates the creative continuum. Audiences spanning generations — from the young to young-at-heart — experience the contemporary legacy of the Masters and the energy of the emerging artist through Dance, Film, Music, Literature, Theater, and the Visual Arts. Join the celebration of the creative contribution of people of African descent. Be transformed by the unique, dynamic, entertaining and creative dialogue between the Master, the Mentor and the Muse. This year's festival — Generation to Generation: Master, Mentor, Muse — runs July 15 - 24, 2005 at numerous venues in and around Atlanta.

Pan-Hellenic Delphic Games of antiquity, which celebrated the arts, were reawakened in an eight-day festival in Delphi, Greece, June 4-11, 2005. This historic re-inauguration featured live world-class performances, intensive workshops by renowned artists and roundtable discussions on the convergence of dance, music, drama and poetry inspired by the venerable tradition of the Delphic Games and the rich mytho-history of Delphi. This event was sponsored by the Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc., the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition (Publisher of Parabola Magazine) and The Town of Delphi (Mayor Panagiotis Kaltsis). Presenters Michael Meade, Jeanne Bresciani, Ph.D., Galatea Psonis and Richard G. Geldard, Ph.D.

Ratner Museum

for those interested in art, the Bible, mysticism and Jewish heritage.

School of Living Dreams assists with pan-cultural vision quests, wilderness rites of passage, dreamtending, personal growth counseling, shamanic journeys, and communication and relationship training, Guide Amy Katz teaches at the University of Alaska, and also works out of Santa Barbara, California.

The Society of Biblical Literature, and its child organization American Academy of Religion are scholarly organizations that sponsor conferences and meetings exploring multiple world religions and spiritual traditions, as well as publications and other valuable resources.

Sound & Spirit is a weekly series of hour-long radio programs exploring the human spirit through music and ideas. Ellen Kushner hosts the show. It is produced by WGBH Radio Boston and distributed by Public Radio International. Sound & Spirit weaves history, myth, and spiritual traditions together with music to take listeners on a journey around the world and through the ages. With subjects ranging from pilgrimage to family relationships, Shakers to Buddhists, and births to funerals, there is always something new to explore.

Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture is the oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology.

Surlalune Fairy Tales Here's a terrific online community for in-depth discussions of fairy tales.

Telling My Story is a virtual healing community for dream work and myth.

The Veronica Institute for Life Story & Veronica Women's Theatre in Portland, Maine is a non-profit organization that explores the potential that stories hold for increased consciousness in individuals and in our culture as a whole. Their focus is two-fold: on the personal stories we tell about ourselves, and on the media stories that society tells about our humanity. The name, Veronica, came to our founder in a dream. From the Latin, vera iconica, Veronica means True Image. The institute offers workshops, performances and travel experiences to explore stories drawn on symbols, myths and dreams.

Worthwhile Magazine's editorial mission is to put purpose and passion on the same plane as profit. WORTHWHILE offers a roadmap for business success that is more personally fulfilling and socially responsible. They live by the motto that it is impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.

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