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Anthropology.com Many of the guest speakers at Mythic Journeys approach myth from the field of cultural anthropology. This site contains books groups, news, links, and other resources about myth and anthropology.

between Pacifica Graduate Institute's Student Art and Literary Review that focuses on mythology.

The Big Myth is an amazing animated collection of creation myths from all over the world. Distant Train, the creators of The Big Myth are now partners of the Mythic Imagination Institute (we host this site for them). This site makes a marvelous educational resource allowing teachers all over the world to give students a global perspective on creation mythology.

The Camelot Project and Celtic Twilight are two of the best places on the Web to begin your research into the Arthurian Legends. The Camelot project contains an exhaustive collection of original sources, while Celtic Twilight offers an online encyclopedia, a wealth of links, and much more.

DirPedia.com - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory

The Encyclopedia Mythica may be one of the most important mythology resources to be found on the Internet. This is an always-growing collection of detailed entries on characters, stories, and motifs from myth cycles from around the world.

European Bardic TalesHere's an online treasure trove of ancient sources of European bardic tales, including Welsh, Irish, German, and more. Explore some of the earliest versions of the Arthurian legends, Celtic and Nordic myth, and more.

We also recommend Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts as an excellent resource created by D.L. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburgh, and Myths and Legends compiled by Christopher B. Siren.

Faith.com Mythic Journeys 2004 guest speaker Dr. Richard Smoley, the former editor of Gnosis magazine and the author of Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition has done a fair amount of work for Faith.com. The Web site has a lot of interesting material, original articles, book excerpts, interviews on a huge number of religious traditions, as well as discussion boards where you can post your own messages and thoughts on a wide range of topics. The Faith.com web site also includes several gateways addressing specific religious traditions:

The Foundation for Mythological Studies

The Green Man Review is an online cultural arts magazine focusing on myth and folk roots.

Myth*ing Linksan annotated and illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales and folklore, sacred arts and sacred traditions produced by Kathleen Jenks, retired faculty member in the Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and consultant for the Journey to the Wild Divine biofeedback computer game. Her mythology web site has been online and active since November 1998.

Mythography explores mythology and art with information about the classic stories of heroes and gods...from the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, to the legends of the Celts. The Mythography website also presents resources and reference materials about mythology, including recommended books and lexicons that explain Greek, Roman, and Celtic terms and words.

Myth Writing With Jane Yolen. Teachers and students will be interested in this site where you can learn to write a myth, a story that explains a natural phenomenon in a creative way. You'll also find writing strategies and a few warm-up activities to get you started. Last but not least, you'll write a myth of your own. Complete the workshop, and you'll receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement signed by Jane Yolen, one of the most prolific and respected authors of children's fiction!

Mythic Yoga, and Storytime Yoga organizations founded and run by Mythic Journeys '04 attendee Sydney Solis, link the magic of storytelling with the power and strength of yoga.

Pagaian.org gives an interesting perspective on myth from the "Land Downunder".

Parabola Magazine

Rambles is an online review of folk and roots related literature, music, media, performance, and more.

Sacred Texts is an online virtual library of texts and myth sources from a dizzying spectrum of cultures from all over the world. You'll find sacred texts from the world's major religions, ancient sagas and myths, poetry, occult references, and even some of the ancient sources for Tolkien's books. This is a truly wonderful resource, a veritable online Library of Alexandria, and a terrific place to begin your research or just to browse and read.

Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture is the oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology.

Stories That Work is an interesting blog of responses to myths and fairy tales. The creator, Laura Barr, is a an award-winning playwright, theatre director/educator turned corporate trainer. This year her blog turns its focus to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

TheOneRing.net is a fan community devoted to the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. In additiion to providing essays, FAQs, and the last news about the Lord of the Rings books, films, and related publications, they've been a great friend to Mythic Journeys. You might also take a look at Tolkien Online. Or venture Into the Wardrobe to explore a site devoted to Tolkien's fellow Inkling C. S. Lewis.

Transformations is a searchable database that contains contemporary texts that transform traditional texts of several types: classical myth, Shakespeare, fairy tales, and stories from the Bible. A visitor to the site can enter a variety of search terms, from Category (e.g. myth, Shakespeare) to Genre (e.g. poem, story, young adult novel, film), to Subject (e.g. Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Othello), and the database will respond with a list of modern texts, with full publishing information on each.

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