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Special Thanks:
To the Mythic Imigination Institute for hosting the Big Myth website.


The Big Myth is funded by grants from the Socrates Fund of the European Commission,
the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences and Kennisnet.

Partner Organizations:
The International Association of Intercultural Education (IAIE) and Partners in Leren

Created by:
Distant Train

Project management: Fiona Passantino and Pieter Batelaaan

Educational Content:
Pieter Batelaan, Carla van Hoof, Barry van Driel
Concept, Graphics, Design and Animation: Fiona Passantino

Barry van Driel and Maria Theresa Brancaccio

Programming: Pamela C. Helm, Marco Patsch, Tom van Dam

Translation: Levien Rouw and Barry van Driel
Design (Iroquois, Hindu): Mara Leiblum
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"The Big Myth" © Distant Train 2007