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Mythic Journeys '06

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There is no way to really capture the complete Mythic Journeys experience in so brief a description...but Mythic Imagination Institute Co-President and Creative Director Honora Foah is going to try. With so much happening from dawn to the witching hour at Mythic Journeys, so many choices, so much to see, so many people to meet and talk to, performances, interviews, food, dancing...the few days of the conference fly by. Listen to a warm, witty and engaging run-through of this year's conference and performance festival, who is coming, what's happening, what to expect and enjoy.

Honora Foah Sobonfe Somé Peter Beagle O.R. Melling Emerald Rose

Did you ever wonder why so many world class artists, authors, spiritual leaders, teachers, activists, musicians, business giants, scholars and explorers come to Mythic Journeys? Here are just a few personal insights from our guest presenters. Listen to African grief ritualist Sobonfu Somé and author Peter Beagle describe their own personal experiences from Mythic Journeys '04. Hear Irish/Canadian author O.R. Melling tell why myth is so important to her, and what she hopes to find at Mythic Journeys this year. An d finally, enjoy Celtic rock band Emerald Rose's song "Come to the Dance!"

Guest Websites:
Sobonfu Somé
Peter Beagle
O.R. Melling
Emerald Rose

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