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Heather Dale's cd, The Road to Santiago

  • Author O.R. Melling discusses heroes' quest stories and how they resonated in her life; hero myths as guides; the writer's purpose
  • Sobonfu Somé tells us about the community-oriented culture, the assistance of the physical community, and the myths of the invisible ancestor community that supports African heroism.
  • Writer Peter Beagle reveals the creation process of hero characters in his book Tamsin; Dorset legends around the failed Monmouth rebellion during the reign of James II; the Old Lady of the Elder Tree; proper scoundrels and maniacs; and the making of a good villian.
  • Heather Dale sings The Road to Santiago about the route through France that pilgrims take to reach the sacred cathedral of St. James' Campo Stellae or Field of Stars.

Guest Websites:
O.R. Melling
Sobonfu Somé
Peter Beagle
Heather Dale
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