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Welcome to the
OCTOBER 2006 issue
of Myth For Kids.

This is one of the most
mythic months in the calendar,
full of witches and ghosts,
imps and animals, tricks and treats.

Did you ever wonder how folks
used to celebrate Halloween?

Well, we've found a very old book
called Games for Hallowe'en,
published in 1912 by Mary E Blain.
It's full of decorations, invitations, games, riddles and forfeits
(the penalites for losing a game
or not knowing the answer to a riddle.)

We hope you enjoy it.


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Our new friend, artist and storyteller Martin Springett, invites you to join Dennis the Dragon on his quest to find his fire. Every month we'll take you on an alphabetical journey through Joustin With Jesters. How good are you at spotting hidden things? Click here or on the picture and help Dennis.

Dennis the Dragon knocking on the door with a 'Dragon Wanted - Flame Required' sign

Distant Train
An interactive animation website
for kids and teachers!

Reviewed by Brenda Sutton

Changling cover artAugust 17, 2006 - Viking Juvenile released Changling, the next tale by Delia Sherman following the eccentric life of her hip urban young heroine, Neef. Don't let the YA pigeon hole deter you — readers of all ages enjoy this contemporary fantasy. As one reviewer put it, Changling is "children's literature and pop culture in an effervescent witch's brew with a strong scent of edgy attitude."

Twelve-year old Neef lives in New York Between, the parallel Manhattan realm of fairies, demons, elves, vampires, and other spirits. Fairies stole Neef and replaced her with one of their own who is now so firmly accepted by Neef's family that she can never return. Her fairy godmother, a white rat named Astris, protects Neef. By sneaking out to the annual Solstice Dance in Central Park, Neef breaks an important rule and loses the protection of the tough-talking Green Lady, the Genius of Central Park. So begins her perilous journey to outrun the dangerous spirits of the Wild Hunt. Neef bargains with the Green Lady to accomplish three tasks, in exchange for which she will be allowed to stay in the park. At the annual Eloise Awards for the Most Spoiled Child, Neef runs into her fairy changeling counterpart, who helps with the quest.

This book deserves a place on the shelf of your young person's library. Watch for or request Changling at your local bookstores, or purchase it online.

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Myth For Kids Recommended Reading List?

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The Mythic Imagination Institute creates experiences that explore
--- through art, hands-on activity
and inter-disciplinary conversation---
the mystery and metaphor inherent in myth and story.