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Mythic Journeys '04
Human Forum '06

Want to know what Mythic Journeys was like?
It's hard to describe. You really had to be there.
But here's a visual glimpse!

YouTube excerpts from Mythic Journeys '06:

Mythic Journeys Documentary Trailer!

Fred Johnson and Michael Meade's drumming jam session...

Deepak Chopra defining myth...

Nestor Torres and Daniel Kelly
Latin Flute and Piano

"Recipe for Blood"
Michael Fitzpatrick, Daniel Kelly, Nestor Torres, David Gonzalez, Fred Johnson
and others...

David Gonzalez and Daniel Kelly's
Jazz Orpheus...

More Videos
Mythic Journeys '04
Human Forum '06

Thanks to Bruce Martin for creating these videos. Check out www.youtube.com/realitypro for some more interesting videos from a website committed to making a difference in our world.

The Mythic Imagination Institute creates experiences that explore
— through art, hands-on activity
and inter-disciplinary conversation —
the mystery and metaphor inherent in myth and story.