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Mythic Journeys 2004 was mind-blowing. Mythic Imagination Institute, Producer Mary Beth Kirchner and PRI present a 2-hour radio program of excerpts from the event in a continued celebration of Joseph Campbell’s centenary.

The featured performances include stirring poetry readings by Robert Bly and Coleman Barks; storytelling by Michael Meade and Sobonfu Some; and interviews with anthropologist Bradd Shore, theologian Matthew Fox, folk singer Janis Ian, among many others. Each performance was first presented during Mythic Journeys, and features in-depth interviews with each guest.

The radio special highlights the best programming from the four-day festival held last June in Atlanta. In celebration of Campbell’s centenary, his colleagues, friends, followers and former students came together to pay tribute to his teachings, which reverberate as strongly today as ever.

One of the first essential supporters of Mythic Journeys was PARABOLA magazine. We highly recommend both the magazine and their website. Parabola also gave permission for the radio program to excerpt from the amazing series of interviews Bill Moyers did with Joseph Campbell called THE POWER OF MYTH. You can purchase the full series through Parabola's website www.parabola.org.

The radio program was produced by Mary Beth Kirchner and the Mythic Imagination Institute. Mary Beth Kirchner is an independent radio producer and national programming consultant in Los Angeles. With an extensive record of accomplishment in public broadcasting, she has received over fifty national and international awards. During more than two decades in public radio she has worked with National Public Radio, Public Radio International, Carnegie Hall, the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, the BBC, the Western Folklife Center, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, the Asia Society, NHK (Japan's public broadcaster) and ABC News "Nightline," among many others. We are very proud to be affiliated with Mary Beth.

Please contact your local station and encourage them to carry and rebroadcast the program.

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