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November, 2005

Praise and Thanksgivingaudio image
28MB - 41 minutes

Thanksgiving altar

Join Honora Foah, Andrew Greenberg, Brenda Sutton, anthropologist Dr. Bradd Shore, Mary Beth Kirchner, concert pianist Daniel Schene, and Chief Jake Swamp in conversation and reflection about how and why we are grateful; on the individual, cultural and family rituals we express at Thanksgiving.

Accompanying the podcast in this month's Mythic Passages e-newsletter, we've included transcriptions of Mary Beth Kirchner's interview with Emory University professor and anthropologist Dr. Bradd Shore on Thanksgiving Traditions (from the PRI/NPR radio documentary on Mythic Journeys '04), Chief Jake Swamp's offering of blessing and gratitude that opened MJ '04, and the "World's Best Lasagna" recipe.

  • Family Ritual
  • Cultural Ritual
  • Thanksgiving Traditions
  • Orphan's Thanksgiving
  • Native American Thanksgiving and Gratitude
  • Football and other "Homecomings"
  • European Traveling Thanksgivings
  • Debussey Interlude
  • Iroqois Prayer
  • Mythic's Volunteers
  • Chief Jake Swamp gives great thanks!

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