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Glenn Weikert

Glenn Weikert is an award winning digital media designer, DJ, dancer and electronic music producer, co-founder and executive director of ArcheDream. Glenn grew up in Mechanicsburg PA, served two years in the Navy, earned an Associates of Communications from Harrisburg Area Community College, studied German in Heidelberg, Germany. He then worked and traveled abroad before returning to the United States to graduate with honors from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Glenn was awarded best portfolio of his graduating class and began focusing on ArcheDream upon completion of his studies. In addition to being the lead dancer in the Poet's Dream, Glenn produces electronic music, sings and choreographs for a new series of ArcheDream productions. Glenn and Alan are also the founders of ArcheDream for HUMANKIND, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to HIV/ AIDS education through art, performance, theatre and music. Glenn, Alan and their partners here in the United States and in South Africa are making steady progress towards launching the HUMANKIND Roadshow in the Gauteng Province of Johannesburg, South Africa. In the six month pilot program, an international crew will train for two months and then travel with a big top tent to ten locations over a four month period. During the day, the tent will be utilized by partner grassroots organizations to run workshops, clinics and seminars. In the evening, the main event; a celebration of life will occur featuring comedy, music, dance and theatre addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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