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Three Weird Sisters

Three Weird Sisters — Mary Crowell, Ph. D. (keyboard), Teresa Powell (3/4 upright bass), and Brenda Sutton (award winning singer / songwriter on guitar and bodhrán) — weave tight harmonies with mythic themes. These dynamic and engaging performs are "sisters by choice" if not blood. They embrace topics ranging from rites of passage to Arthurian legend to computer romance, blending ancient frame drums with sultry jazz.

Right the First Time cd cover

Pan Gaia magazine proclaimed the Three Weird Sisters’ successful debut CD, Rite the First Time, #2 on their list of Top 13 Pagan Recordings.

Hair of the Frog cd cover Three Weird Sisters' recent release, Hair Of the Frog, gently leads listeners through the Maiden's sunny Spring morning, through the passion of the Mother's Summer work and Autumnal love, and into the darkness of the Crone's Winter sleep.

Three Weird Sisters expanded the definition of "three" following the marriage and departure of harper Gwen Knighton. Pianist, singer and prolific songwriter Dr. Mary Crowell adds her own delightful blend of weirdness to the brew.

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