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Midori Snyder

Midori Snyder has published six acclaimed books of fiction for adults including a lyrical adult fairy tale titled Soulstring; three "imaginary world" novels known as the Oran Trilogy: New Moon, Sadar's Keep, Beldane's Fire; and The Flight of Michael McBride. The Innamorati,a complex, robust, and sensual tale drawing upon Italian and early Roman legends, mask-making, and the theater of the Commedia dell'Arte, won the Mythopoeic Award for Novel of the Year. She followed this book up with a contemporary fantasy for younger readers titled Hannah's Garden, an enchanting tale of music and faeries set in the rural Midwest.

Her short fiction has been published in numerous anthologies, including The Armless Maiden; Black Thorn, White Rose; and The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Her essay "The Monkey Girl" appeared in Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales. In addition to writing, Midori makes masks for theater and friends at Carnival, plays classical mandolin (and Celtic folk music after enough whiskey), and trains regularly in Shotokan karate. The later disciplines are evident in her popular tales for the Borderland "punk fantasy" series ("Demon," "Alison Gross," and "Dragon Child").

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