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Anita Sharp

The journey of Anita Sharpe, co-founder of MOTTO magazine, may have started in grade school. Despite a slew of elementary school teachers who would laugh at the idea of a young Anita going into writing and editing, the girl with an aptitude toward math loved her high school English classes so much that she decided to major in English at Vanderbilt University where she graduated magna cum laude.

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Following her heart started Anita on a journey that led to a career in journalism, first as editor-in-chief of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, where she helped increase circulation nearly tenfold, and later as a writer with The Wall Street Journal, where she won a Pulitzer Prize for her investigative journalism. As her reporting career deepened, she grew less interested in pointing her finger at the darkness and more interested in pointing toward the light. Now she follows her heart everyday by using her writing, editing, creative and business skills to bring the light that's in her to the public as co-founding editor of Worthwhile, which has since become MOTTO.

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