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Gayle Ross

Gayle Ross is a direct descendant of John Ross, chief of the Cherokee nation during the imfamous "Trail of Tears" relocation. Through stories she learned from her grandmother, Gayle Ross has been telling her people's myths and legends at schools, colleges, and festivals across the United States. Gayle is a master storyteller who can provoke laughter with trickster stories (How Rabbit Tricked Otter and Other Cherokee Trickster Stories) or move listeners to tears with haunting Cherokee creation myths. The National Coucil of Traditional Arts has included Gayle in two tours, she was chosen by Vice President Al Gore, later the White House, the Kennedy Center and the Library of Congress to present the Native American tale. In 1995, Gayle was featured in a two-hour segment of the documentary How The West Was Won on Discovery Channel. Gayle Ross' voice may be heard telling stories on National Public Radio programs such as Mythic Journeys, Living On The Earth and Mountain Stage.

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