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Georgia Network fo Nonviolent Communication

The Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication (GaNVC) — Faye Landey, Jim Grandee, Mark Feinknopf and Cynthia Moe — have collaborated for four years to foster the learning of and spread of NVC in Atlanta and the South East. They are committed to finding ways to compassionately resolve conflicts and help change the dynamics around difficult relationship situations.

James Gandee
James (Jim) Gandee is the current President of Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication (GaNVC). Jim has extensive management experience in leadership roles for several large corporations. Since retirement from Delta Air Lines, he has focused his energy on building c ommunity networks and working as an executive and life coach. He is currently the financial officer and a founder of a community network organization called Joyful Being, Inc., located in Peachtree City, Georgia.

During more than 30 years experience in the airline industry, Jim was involved in strategic planning, finance, marketing, and operations management. A primary focus during his business career was the planning and execution of major change initiatives, leading corporate teams, and developing personnel.

As a one of the founding members of the Joyful Being, Inc, Jim is involved in all of the activities of this community network building company. He serves as the Finance Officer, coordinates event planning, and supports the business community in the Joyful Being network.

Since retirement in 2002, Jim devotes a portion of his time to life and Executive Coaching for individuals who are in transition. He works with clients and business owners, including pro bono counseling.

Mr. Gandee is a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He has worked for Trans World Airlines, Pan American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. His current passion is the creating of processes and tools that develop and evolve individuals and communities.

Faye Landey
Faye Landey is the current Vice President of Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication. Faye has extensive experience in management of independent-living retirement communities, educational organizations, event planning, and business administration. Her more than 20 years experience in management and development of non-profit and HUD financed Retirement Communities involved making applications for various funding sources, personnel management, and marketing of numerous high rise apartments for the elderly.

As founding Business Manager and Director of Development of the Davis Academy and numerous years as Business Manager for the Atlanta Scholars Kollel, Ms. Landey enjoyed several years in management, fund raising, and business functions. She has served in a leadership capacity of numerous organizations including President of Retirement Dimensions, Inc., and President of Temple Sinai.

Ms. Landey, a graduate of Emory University, is married to Benjamin Landey, an Immigration Attorney practicing in downtown Atlanta. She has for 15 years served as part time special legal assistant and manager of business and finance for the law firm of Landey & Associates, PC. Her passion for humanitarian efforts brought her to pursue the study and promotion of Nonviolent Communication as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. The focus of NVC to respond compassionately to oneself, to enhance personal relationships, and to build peace worldwide, has broadened her spiritual practice and appreciation for all people.

Cynthia Moe
As co-president of Sacred Space Inc, and urban design consultant to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Moe concentrated on neighborhood relationships and healthy pathways to understanding among the developers and neighborhoods involved in a mid-city transit-oriented development. She encouraged sensitivity to and inclusion of creatively detailed greenspaces that include civic art.

Moe earned a BS in business education from the University of Florida and a recent MFA from the University of Georgia. Her longtime direction of SteppingStone Art Studio, and urban Atlanta community art school, has evolved into teaching privately from her own studio where she paints, writes, and sculpts. Interest in the protection and revitalization of her current hometown has led Moe to serve as President of the civic association and to chair its Proactive Planning and Economic Development efforts. Concern for cultural health and well being have promoted Sacred Space Inc. to focus recent efforts on communication trainings that foster nonviolence. Moe served on the 2001 Hollywood Boulevard ULI panel.

Her highest priorities are contributing to beauty and compassionate connections. She enjoys offering tools and opportunities to assure that each person can manifest a life where his/her needs are being identified, valued and met. Building comfort with navigating more gracefully and peacefully thru conflict and differences also enlivens her. Long-term passion for psychology, group dynamics and human growth and development continues to inform and enrich her painting, writing, dreamwork and community building facilitation, corporate consulting and personal relationships. Enriching environments, caring connection with family and friends, and stewarding the spread of Nonviolent Communication remain priorities as well.

Mark Feinknopf
As the former CEO and chairman of the Board of Feinknopf Macioce Schappa Architects, Inc., in Columbus, Ohio, Mark became a nationally acknowledged leader in the professions of architecture and urban design as well as a central Ohio community leader. He presently is co-president of Sacred Space Inc. From 1997 to 2003 Feinknopf was the urban design consult to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), responsible for transit-oriented development planning and the master plan and overall design coordination of the newly-opened Lindberg Station development.

Mark received a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale University and Master's Degree in architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He taught Architectural Design at the Ohio State University for five years and has conducted seminars and given lectures on, as well as written about, the Relationship Between Downtowns and their Communities. Always interested in community betterment, he has given innumerable hours to local civic revitalization and community-building efforts. Every day offers new opportunities for compassionate and enriching connection with each person Mark meets. Much of his reading, writing, and study continues to enhance his understanding of the inter-relationships and tools that are necessary to attain and sustain harmonious and trusting human connection. He hopes to continue to build "bridges" that sustain the well-being of our world.

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