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Timothy Murphy

Tim Murphy is the CEO of Alchemy Films International, a founding member of The Wisdom Circle Constituency, advisor to The Conscious Business Institute, managing partner of Integral Development, Strategy and Training, LLC, and consultant to executives and organizations building next paradigm social and business architectures. He is a trained ontologist, collective intelligence and wisdom facilitator, integral philosopher, conscious evolutionary, Kabballist, whole systems thinker and anthroposophist.

Tim's life work is the emergence of a global culture of wisdom, cooperation and sustainability worldwide. He is a "social stem cell" builder focused on giving form to the transformational uses of money, capital and business as a catalyst for new economic systems designed around respect for all of life, the rights of the sovereign human being and the emergence of a society steeped in the principles of "true wealth" and profound purpose.

Tim has worked as a fiber optics engineering and data communications instructor for Cisco Systems, Inc., New York University, and Global Knowledge, Inc., teaching data systems architects worldwide how to design and operate light communication systems. He was President of Daat-Net.Net, Inc., a technology-consulting firm based in New York City, and Vice President of Ingress.Net, Inc., the first Internet Service Provider nationally to commercialize virtual web-hosting server technology. He received a BE. in Marine Engineering from Maritime College (SUNY)

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