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Michael Green

Michael Green is the Environmental Designer for this year's Mythic Journeys. Born in 1943, he studied at the New York University film school and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and then hitchhiked around the Amazon. A "contentious" Objector during Vietnam War, he joined the Castalia Foundation in Millbrook, N.Y., and worked on germinal light shows with Tim Leary. He has participated in various tribal/communal societies, lived in a mountaintop tipi in Woodstock, New York, and finally moved to Pennsylvania to study with the Sufi master Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

For the last twenty-five years he has pursued a mixed career as artist and craftsman. Working as a sign painter, landscaper, television art director, fine artist/sculptor, he eventually turned to creating visual books as artist, writer and designer. "I have always favored the bookstore as a superior and more accessible gallery," says Michael. "I've tended to skirt the reefs and shifting tides of the art establishment. So far so good: there are over 2,500,000 copies of my books (The Illuminated Rumi; One Song: The New Illuminated Rumi; The Illuminated Prayer: The Five-Times Prayer of the Sufis; Zen and the Art of the Macintosh; The I-Ching Records; Unicornis and The Book of the Dragontooth) currently in print."

His second installation, Discovering the North American Afterculture might best be called "future anthropology." Through dioramas, artifacts and walk-into installations it presented a fully formed, mythic, and anthropologically satisfying glimpse of a future American culture that has fully embraced a genuinely sacred and environmentally healing Way. Michael Green will be bringing many of the "Afterculture" artifacts to Mythic Journeys.

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