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Mythic Glossary

Myth: A Handbook cover art Definition from Dr. William Doty's, Myth: A Handbook,
published by Greenwood Press

fabula/fable The Romans chose fabula because the Greek mythos had become associated with trivial stories, and it exists in European languages in that sense; what is today formally named in English fable refers to moralistic stories with animal actors, such as those of Aesop or Jean de la Fontaine.

The subject of myth uses a vocablary of words with resonant meanings. We don't mean for the Mythic Glossary to be a page of dry definitions, but more a springboard. Want to jump with a word and see how high it flies and in what direction? Each month, we mean to add to our glossary of mythic concepts and grow a very interesting dictionary. Do you have a favorite term you'd like to add to the list? Email Brenda Sutton

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