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1. Look at a map of the world. Where do the Maori originally come from? Where do they live today? Make a little map showing this migration.
2.1 What two gods existed in the beginning? Could you consider them the creators of heaven and earth? Explain your answer.
2.2 What gods were involved in the creation of the world and what role did each one of them play? How did the different gods feel about the creation of the earth? Make an overview of this in a table.
2.3 How did high and low tide come into existence, according to the Maori creation myth?
2.4 The Maori creation myth also explains how other natural phenomena have come into existence. What natural phenomena were these and explain what roles the different gods played in these phenomena.
2.5 How do traditional Maori think that reptiles came into existence?
2.6 To what extent do the Maori gods resemble human beings?
2.7 What have you learned about how animals and humans came into existence, according to Maori mythology?
3. What similarities do you see between the Maori creation myth and those of other cultures?
Look at a few websites that deal with this culture and choose one or two that have images, sounds or text that you think are useful for preparing your presentation. Make a summary or a sketch of the Maori creation myth on a piece of flip chart paper. As much as possible, try to use the illustrations and images you found on the internet.

Choose one of the following exercises:

1. You are a group of Maori people who have come together in the "marae" to make and recite a poem to honor Tane. You are thankful to him for creating the earth. Of course it is important to think about movement and music when reciting a Maori poem. Find examples of Maori music on the internet (if possible) and try to integrate this musical style into your recital. Try to look like a Maori when each of you recite your poem to the class (go onto the internet and look especially at the tattoos that Maori tend to have).


2. Create an "action song" in which you try to explain as clearly as possible the Maori creation myth. Make it clear in your song how the different gods felt, and how they viewed the feelings that Rangi and Papa had.
What struck you most when studying Maori culture?
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