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name: Araceli Sanchez
school: Chicago Academy High School

answer: The common themes in Creation Myths are polytheism, world development, and mother and father. In two myths polytheism is present. For example in the Chinese Creation Myth there are two Gods. "The half dragon goddess Nu-wa was born after Pan-gu died, from part of the mixture of Yin and Yang that he had separated."(Chinese Creation Myth) Also in both Myths world development is portrayed. In the text it says "he created rivers with his fingers and stamped the earth down to create flat lands."(Chinese Creation Myth) Finally, in both Myths mothers and fathers were apart of the creation of the world. In the text it states "as they grew she loved them and protected them, and was revered as the mother of all humans." This all proves that polytheism, world development, and mothers and father are all things in common in the Chinese Creation Myth and in Greek Mythology.
name: Jeremy Purganan

answer: The two themes in creation myths are the polytheism theme and, the mother and father theme. In myths, polytheism is present. For example in the Egyptian creation story, there are multiple gods. In the Egyptian creation story it states “Shu and Tefnut produced Geb the Earth, and Nut, the sky.” This shows both mother and father themes because Shu and Tefnut parented Geb and Nut. It also showed the polytheism theme because multiple gods gave birth to other gods.
name: Jesus De Leon

answer: The common themes in creation myths are that of multiple gods and the origin of evil. In two myths multiple gods appear. In the text it says “Shu and Tefnut produced Geb the earth and Nut the sky.” This quote alone shows four gods which is polytheistic, meaning more than one god. Also in creation myths the origin is usually from evil. In the text it states “Nu was the name of the dark swirling chaos, before the beginning of time . Of those waters rose Atum.” This shows the origin is evil because the first to rise comes from dark chaos; also in Greek mythology Gaia was born from a “raging chaos” showin that the origin is usually of evil.
name: Hector Marin  

answer: The common themes in creationmyths are gods and creatures and parents. In the two myths which are Babylonain and Greek there are multiple gods that were created through time. In the prompt it states " when these two seas mingled, they created the gods, Lahmu and Lahamu."(Babylonian Creation) This supports the fact that gods are created by other gods that create more and more gods.Creatures were very common in creation myths. For example, in the text it states, " A viper was spawn by Tiamat to Marduk.''(Babylonian Creatures) While in Greek myths creatures were created not to be used for violence they were left alone(Greek Creation). This quote supports that creatures in creation myths are used in the end for violence because the creatures are made to do the god's fighting for the Parents are the most common because everything has a beginning. For example, the beginning of Lahmu and Lahamu is Apsu and Tiamat because in the text it states,''when these tow seas mingled,(Apsu and Tiamat are the two seas) they created the gods, Lahmu and Lahamu.''(Babylonain Creation) In Greek creations the mother and father is Gaia which gave birth to Uranus then both gave to the monsters and the cyclops.These facts support my positionbecause as i stated before every thing has a beginning and without a beginning there can't be a creation.
name: Itzayana Alvarado

answer: A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.” (Alan Watts).  Myths are ancient stories that have been shared to explain the creation of the earth. Some common themes in creation myths are polytheism, symbols, and elements. By comparing and contrasting Egypt and Greece the elements above were mentioned in both places by different gods and goddesses. There are many similarities but also differences. Both Egypt and Greece have great creation myths.
One common theme in creation myths is polytheism. Egyptian myths have many different gods that are and do many things. Egyptian myths state, “Shu and Tefnut produced the other gods. Isis, the queen of the gods, Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty, Osiris the god of wisdom and justice, Seth the god of evil, Thot, the god of wisdom and Nephthys the protector of the dead” (Lines -). This quote supports my claim because it states the many gods and goddesses that were created by Shu and Tefnut.
Another common theme in creation myths is symbols. Symbols are what each god or goddess resembles. Every god or goddess has a different symbol. The Egyptian creation myth states, “Atum gave birth to his son by spitting him out. He named him Shu and made him god of the air” (Lines -). This quote shows that many gods and goddesses have symbols, for instance Shu is the god of air. Every god and goddess has a different symbol.
A last common theme in creation myths is elements. When talking about elements in myths, they are defined by gods or goddesses whose powers are fire, water, ice, etc. The text stated, “Shu and Tefnut produced Geb, the earth and Nut the sky.” (lines -)  This quote shows how gods and goddesses in creation myths have elements. In this quote, Geb is the earth, also known and Mother Nature, and Nut was god of the sky.         
name: Raul Campuzano

answer: Some common themes in creation myths are supreme gods and important landscapes.  There is always a supreme god, in Greek and Norse the supreme gods are Zeus and Odin. They are both considered the strongest gods  of their creation myths. “Zeus overthrew Kronos and became the strongest god of the Greek creation myth. Odin was named the King of gods after Ymir who was full of evil was slain by Odin. Zeus created Olympus after overthrowing Kronos, and by Ymir being slain Odin created yggdrasil the first tree.” This supports that both Zeus and Odin are supreme gods because it shows that both were the strongest gods of their creation Myths by the way they overthrew a certain person and gained their powers. Another common theme is important landscapes. “Zeus created Olympus where both gods and humans lived in after overthrowing Kronos. Ymir was slain by the King of Gods, Odin and after Ymir died his body created the earth and his bones created yggdrasil. The tree was known as the tree of live and death.” This shows that both these important landscapes were created by the supreme gods and had a purpose for being created as they were important in the Greek and Norse creation myths.

name: Demy Ocampo

answer: Some of the common themes in myths are polytheism and killing each other. In the Greek myth it talks about Gaia giving birth to many gods. In the Babylonian myth it says that their was a sweet water sea and a salt water sea which formed and created the main gods which then became the great gods. This supports how polytheism is a common theme in myths because polytheism is the belief in more then one god and in both the Greek and the Babylonian myth it talks about more then one god. An example of killing one another in the Greek myth is that Kronos killed his father. Killing one another is also part of the Babylonian myth because Ea killed Apsu and Timat was mad and wanted to kill Ea so she created monsters to kill him, therefore Ea and his brother created Marduk to battler Timat warriors. This shows how killing one another is a common theme in myths because in both stories it is showing how they killed one another even if they were family members they still did it.                  
Some of the common creation of myths are elements . One example of the element appears in “lahmu and lahamu who rose from the silt at the edge of the water”(Babylonian creation myth).This quote supports the elements because it is explaining the elements of lahmu and lahamu.
name: Khaled Almasri

answer: “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.”(Joseph Campbell). Myths are stories past down that explain unexplainable things that can not be proven. Some common themes in creation myths are polytheism, symbols, and mother and father figure. One theme in creation myths is that of polytheism. An example appears in the Egyptian myth, “Atum gave birth to his son b spitting him out. He named him Shu and made him god of the air. He vomited his daughter up and named her Tefnut and made her the goddess of mist and moisture.”. This shows that Egyptians worship more than one god for in the myth theses there only just two of the many gods. This also applies for the Greek creation myth witch involves many gods and goddesses such as Gaia, Uranus, and Zeus ECT...
Another common theme is symbols such as the one in the Egyptian creation myth of Geb being the earth and the Nut being the sky. The text states, “Shu and Tefnut produced Geb, the Earth and Nut the Sky.” This is proving the fact that in the Egyptian creation myth, themes with symbols are common. Theses symbols being the earth as the symbol for Geb, and the sky being the symbol for Nut. This is also true for the Greek creation myth where Gaia is the symbol for mother earth because she was the first wife and gave birth to a lot of the creatures and the gods.
Another way creation myths are common is by having a mother and father figure. In the Egyptian creation myth it says, “Shu and Tefnut produced Geb, the Earth and Nut the Sky.” In this creation myth, Shu and Tefnut were the mother and father figure because they were the ones who made Geb and Nut. In the Greek creation myth the theme was still the same, for it was Gaia and Uranus who where the first to have produce the other creatures and gods.
name: Guillermo Ortega

answer: The common theme in creation myths are polytheism and mother and father. An example of polytheism is that in the Greek myth it says, “Gaia was the creator of world and save birth to Uranus and many gods”. In the Maori myth it states the names of many different gods and what they do. This shows that both myths are polytheistic because polytheism is the belief in many gods and in both myths it talks about more than one god. An example of mother and father is that in both myths there was a mother and father who gave birth to more than one god. In the Greek myth there was Gaia and Uranus and in the Maori myth there was Papa and Rangi. This shows that both myths had a mother and father because it talks about them in both and how they gave birth to many gods.
This seems to be an age-old question. I'm only 36 years old, yet I feel I have answered this for myself. Darwin was searching for truth the only way he knew how in his time. The problem I have with Creationism is the 2000 year-old Earth rhetoric. Geological studies have proven in the past that the earth is millions of years old. The Creationistic view (needless to say) is limited and very closed-minded. I am a person with a very open mind. I'm not doubting that there was maybe a flood. There are a lot of diverse peoples from all over the world that have it as part of their belief system. So be it. What I'm having a hard time with is the whole idea of Christianity being the "next step" to becoming a "civilized" people. I have read more books on indigenous peoples and their individual belief systems to know that if a society has a belief system in place that keeps order among the various tribes and families, who am I to go into their territory to tell them they have to believe what I do or they're lower than me? Some of the Creation stories in the Native American peoples are far more interesting than the one the Christians have come up with. One tells of a pregnant woman floating to Earth on the back of large turtle, or maybe a raven, her children, a boy and a girl populate the region and are seen as sacred. Another has people coming up from the middle Earth and living on the top after thousands of years in exile undergorund. I am more spiritual now in my life and I am learning towards the teachings of Buddha. My father practiced Buddha when I was growing up. He was particularly taken with the Samaurai of Japan. Anyway, to say that any one Creation story is to be believed over another is silly. To borrow from a line in "White Fang 2", Moses Josph is teling Leland the "preacher" about the sacred caribou and how the legend of the white wolf came about. Leland scoffs and tells him he believes in mere stories. Moses points to the Bible Leland is holding as if to say, "You have yours, and we have ours." Thank you, Zoe...
Response to the question: "How are the ancient gods like us, and why?"
name: Ramon Balane Jr.
age: 12
city: Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin
country: United States of America

answer: the ancient Gods are like us because like all human beings, each God had some strengths and some weaknesses.

name: Ramon Balane Jr.
age: 15
city: Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin
country: United States of America

answer: It is a very ironical explanation as to why the ancient Gods are like us. First of all, the Gods were actually created in the images of human beings, rather than human beings created in the images of the Gods. Human beings saw what they lacked in themselves and decided to make up myths about stronger and powerful dieties that lacked these weaknesses and harnessed strengths that were unparallel to the capabilities of humans. They told stories about Gods that were able to accomplish great things, but also had some weaknesses that each humans possess.

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