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Moderated by Jean Houston


September 20, 2005, 8pm

Glenn Memorial Auditorium

Emory University Campus

Atlanta, GA

  Deepak Chopra, author of Peace Is The Way, believes it is possible for
individuals to transform their consciousness to such an extent as to
bring war to an end. James Hillman, author of A Terrible Love of War,
believes that we are ceaselessly driven to war by psychological realities
that reveal themselves in a multitude of ways. Perhaps we can tame this
drive, but can it ever be transformed?
  These great minds will discuss and debate the causes of war, examine
the possibilities of peace, and explore the role of the imagination
during an evening's conversation moderated by renowned philosopher
and mythologist Jean Houston

Tickets are available through the Arts at Emory Box Office at
www.arts.emory.edu or by phone at 404-727-5050. Emory students
may also purchase tickets at the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

For more information please call 404-832-4127 or visit

Tickets: $5 for students and faculty
$20 for the general public
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